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Toybox: Safe, Affordable And Creative Printer For Your Kids


There are several printers out there in the market. Each of these printers have a distinct feature. If one is suited for home, the other is suited for productive office work. But there aren’t really any printers out there that are made specifically for kids. All the other regular printers are often pretty complex for the kids to understand, and also a bit dangerous for them as well. So the kids need a printer that is easy to use and also fun and safe while the kids are working with it.

Specifically For Kids.

Toybox is the first ever one-touch 3D printer for kids and is also extremely easy to use. Now your kids can design and print their own toys. It comes with an enormous toy catalog. Also, it creates no mess. Toybox offers affordable fun for the whole family. The creators of Toybox hope this product bridges the tricky gap between affordability and quality. Many 3D printers on the market today struggle to hit that middle ground. But Toybox claims to have figured out this his allows you to keep Toybox right on your desktop for instant printing fun. You can upload yproblem.

Expansive Library.

Your kids will be able to create each build using some very familiar controls. The printer has to offer an expansive library of content. This library consists of over 500 toys. Toybox also works as a platform to upload designs and share them with other builders, too. This helps in making your designs well known and this makes them well accepted. One of the most interesting features is the ability to draw a build within the app. This is definitely going to be appealing, particularly to younger designers.

One Touch Printer.

Just press one button and watch your toys come to life. This makes play time much more fun for your kids. There are many engaging games, blocks, or any other toy your kids can think of. So now you can print with endless possibilities. Toybox comes with an advanced technology. This means precision details will bring your toys to life faster than ever before. Toybox comes with a one-touch technology. It also offers an ever growing toy catalog. This means fun for the whole family. All materials are kid-friendly. Tour own designs to create your own toys or draw them and bring your creations to life.

Companion App.

The printer itself comes in at 9- x 7-inches. It is capable of pushing out up to 60mm of filament per second. A touchscreen display sits on the base for controlling some features. But the bulk of the work is handled within the iOS or Android app. The free iOS and Android app lets you easily set up and start printing.

One Filament At A Time.

Toybox allows only one filament color at a time to be handled. But you can change different hues if it is required to complete more complex projects. One roll is of 1.75mm-thick filament. It is said to manage consisting up to 300 toys. So this allows you are to get plenty of use on each refill. Toybox supplies biodegradable corn-based filament. This filament is designed specifically with younger builders in mind while leaping out on the likely hazardous ingredients some other printers use.

Pledge On Indiegogo.

Toybox hit Indiegogo a few days ago. Toybox had an initial goal of $40,000 and it has almost reached to $20,000 already. Initially, an early bird price of $259 will deliver a unit in January of 2018 if it all goes according to plan. Each packaging of a Toybox includes the Toybox itself and one roll of 3D ink.


Jumping up to $319 will supposedly ensure holiday delivery. The $325 orders will bring eight units of filament for more fun right out of the box. The Toybox 3D printer is expected to go out in the retail market next year for almost $400.