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Toshiba Radius 12 – The 12-inch 4K All-Round Convertible that Scores High!

Toshiba Radius 12

How many pixels can you find and fit within a notebook? Toshiba is pushing the envelope with a tremendous pixel count in its Satellite Radius 12. The latest 12-inch convertible Toshiba Radius 12 notebook boasts of an incredible 4K touch screen within its meagre display size. The convertible is aimed for all types of photographers and video editors, who would love a small, handy notebook with more colours than its display can deliver. Additionally, it has a staggeringly powerful and robust 6th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, a walloping 8GB of RAM, and a smart 256GB solid-state drive. And it all looks great on paper. But its short battery life might kill the laptop’s value though.

Toshiba’s Sleek Offering – The 2-in-1 All Rounder

Toshiba Radius

Toshiba is fitting several sharp screens to laptops and with its 12.5-inch laptop, it has managed to be the first company to get a 4K resolution for a small display. It flips and rotates into five different positions based on how you will work on the touchscreen. The Satellite 12’s small form factor is a big highlight as its super-sharp display helps users with a small, compact offering that is more useful with its rotations.

  • The Satellite 12 is brilliantly styled in a brushed aluminium finish and resembles the company’s Satellite Kira, in some ways.
  • It is portable at 1.32kg, thus making it very comfortable to hold for long sessions
  • High-end devices with premium price tags do have a solid chassis but this device does not include that.
  • The screen is fantastic, vibrant and reflective which makes Windows 10’s effect look gorgeous.
  • The trackpad’s click presses are not great and does not offer any clicky satisfaction. The chiclet-style keyboard’s keys are smaller than the regular keys and reasonably comfortable to type.
  • Like the 12-inch MacBook, Toshiba Radius 12 offers USB 3.1 Type-C and Wi-Fi connectivity too.

The battery life can reach eight hours even though it is powered by a sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processor and ultra-HD 4K-resolution. And since it can fit into briefcase, it will surely create the right impression.

The 12-inch Toshiba screen can rotate 360 degrees and can be moulded in different modes – tent, stand and tablet. It weighs at 2.93 pounds and although it is heavier than Dell XPS 13 but it is a convertible and a good one at that. Toshiba Radius 12 is larger than the MacBook, similar to the size of XPS 13 while smaller than HP EliteBook 1020.

The Final Verdict for Toshiba Radius 12

The 4K screen on the Toshiba Radius 12 is better than any other laptop in the market and at this display size, it is certainly a rare model. One can view the best HD movies with entire clarity and one can assure that horror movies will be uncannily disturbing with the level of detailing on the screen. You can see scars, pores and the like at this brilliant resolution. Photos are also extremely clear with magnificent contrast, delineating the blacks and blues in perfect lighting. Even the subtle reflections of 3D objects can be easily seen.

Despite the screen size of 12.5 inches, Toshiba delivers crisp and clear images. The battery point can be a sore for those who are spending nearly $1500 on a high-end laptop like this although one can admit that it does rank higher than the HP EliteBook 1020 and Macbook models of the same specifications.