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The Top 5 Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 is said to be the most powerful Samsung smartphone that is going to be launched anytime soon. But while the physical prowess and rich set of features of the Galaxy S9 look awesome, people are actually exaggerating a few aspects. These myths or widely circulated rumors need to be busted or put into proper perspective for a clear idea of what the phone is going to look and feel like.

While interest is raging over this new Samsung smartphone launch, we need to take note of the rumors and myths. Here we have picked 5 such myths or invalidated expectations about this upcoming phone.

Physical Fingerprint Sensor

There is too much noise on this account ever since Samsung S9 became known publicly. There is widespread talk about this new Samsung device to sport a physical fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone instead of the digital one we come across so often on most smartphones these days. There are also various rumors about where Samsung is actually going to place the scanner. Some speculation says it will be placed right beside the rear camera while finding it awkward and rather says that it will be placed in the middle of the panel.

While most of these rumors do not provide any credible proofs about their claim, replacing the on-screen fingerprint scanner can still be an option for Samsung provided it comes with some value additions to the end users. Even if it launches a physical sensor is Samsung going to scrap the on-screen sensor completely? We have little knowledge about it. As of now, Samsung did not confirm anything about loading its upcoming flagship with a new physical fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy S9 Would Be Foldable

Can Galaxy S9 create the biggest uproar by coming with a foldable smartphone for the first time? Samsung has just applied for a foldable phone last year which is actually responsible for the whole rumor about S9 being a foldable device. Samsung also expressed its wishes to come up with bendable phones openly in recent times. This sparked widespread rumor that Galaxy S9 can actually be a foldable smartphone.

If it really happens, it can be the first ever Samsung device to join the league of foldable screen devices just like Nintendo 3DS or the ZTE Axon M. Can it be a two-screen device allowing views by splitting screen by folding it and enjoying a big screen view by just unfolding it? In this November the company’s Korean website actually presented a similar bendable device sparking fresh rumors about the bendable and foldable S9 to appear anytime soon.

Dual Cameras On The Front and Back

The dual camera has already become an established norm for many flagship phones but almost all of them offer dual cameras on the rear side. About the upcoming Galaxy S 9, there is a raging rumor that the phone can have dual cameras on both sides of the phone. Obviously, Galaxy S9 Plus is expected to offer one of the most equipped camera stacks for the smartphone photo shooters but a similar stack on both sides is looking like a weird claim as of now.

A New Face ID Alternative

There is also widespread rumor that the new Samsung S9 is going to flaunt a new alternative to the Face ID popularised by Apple’s new flagship phone iPhone X. There is a rumour that Samsung is going to offer an alternative to this security feature. Though there is hardly any credibility to this claim, the device can actually have a better iris scanning feature.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come with a 3D sensor front camera allowing better scanning capability than the erstwhile 2D scanner of the Galaxy S8. Iris scanning will only add more fire to it. But when it comes to offering an alternative for Face ID, it has several technological limitations for integrating face scanning as a security feature, as expressed by many industry experts.

512GB Inbuilt Storage

Samsung is expected to increase the inbuilt storage of the device quite dramatically. There is some thinly credible buzz about the new S9 to offer best-ever inbuilt storage compared to most of the major flagships in the market. There is already announcement from the company about the mass production of the 512GB chip and so, by the time S9 is ready to hit the market, we can actually see it with enhanced storage capacity. While at present, highest device storage range from 64GB to maximum 256GB, a 512GB storage space would totally outshine the competition in every regard. This is a particular area where the company has a visible lead since its mass-produced chips are also used by other flagships including arch-rival iPhone.

Final Verdict

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is all set to outshine many other flagships throwing tough competition on many aspects including features and hardware capacity. But overwhelming expectations actually helped to foster a whole array of less credible speculations and rumors.