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TomTom’s New Fitness Tracker Can Do More than Any Other Tracker in the Market

TomTom Touch

TomTom is known for fitness watches that served a generation of runners and athletes. We earlier had TomTom Runner and TomTom Spark loaded with advanced multi-sport tracking features and GPS capability. But, the kind of fitness tracker produced by most other brands like Fitbit, Misfit and Jawbone were not there in TomTom’s lineup of products.

Finally, the brand has come up with its new and dedicated fitness tracker targeted for regular use. The new wrist grabbing tracker called TomTom Touch literally has a range of jaw dropping features and capabilities including measuring the body mass.

What is TomTom Touch?

It is basically a slim wristband with a touchscreen display and robust battery life capable of measuring several physical attributes and fitness quotients like regular activities, sleep, progress in fitness level, calories burned, heart rate and body mass. The tracker also remains connected to smartphones and offers notifications.

While the TomTom Touch gives an impression of any other fitness tracker available in the market, it is actually a much capable device allowing the user to see the measurement of body composition comprising attributes like body fat and muscle mass. Such capability is offered through bioelectrical impedance technology used by other smart scales technologies like Fitbit Aria and Withings Body Cardio.

How does it Work?

TomTom Touch

To understand how TomTom Touch works, we should understand a few things about how the bioimpedance technology is put to use in this small tracker. In the backside of the device just next to the optical heart rate monitor, there is a small sensor for body fat analysis. This is capable of working almost the same way other body fat analysis scales measure the fat percentage of your body.

Just by sending tiny electrical waves through your body and by calculating the time such waves take to complete a circuit around the body the device actually estimate the percentage of body fat. Other than calculating body mass it offers all the fitness and activity tracking capabilities and also allows phone notifications.

Sleek and Slim Design

As far as design is considered, TomTom Touch is slender, slim and perfect fit for the wrist with a rectangular shape. It is actually much thinner than most other fitness bands. The straps are available in an array of colors allowing more fashionable look and feel.

The band looks really attractive with a gleaming touchscreen display. Moreover, the small screen taking most of the space at the front makes perfect use of screen real estate for display. A button in the bottom of the device allows waking up the touchscreen that can be swiped further to search through options.

What it can Measure?

TomTom Touch can measure all the regular activities and fitness quotients plus the body fat percentage. Let us have a look at the things that it can measure.

  1. It can ensure your body fat and percentage of muscle mass.
  2. It can keep track of your sleep and analyze whether you are getting the right amount of sleep.
  3. It can keep track of your heart rate for the duration of an entire day with a built-in monitor.
  4. It also helps you measure and keep track of your progress in meeting the daily or weekly fitness, activity and body composition target
  5. You can track all daily activities including your steps, distance covered, active time, calories burned, and sleep.
  6. The Sports mode allows keeping track of your calories burned, activities and heart rate in one place.

Other Features

What are the other features that make it interesting? Well, let’s have a look at the features other than fitness and body composition measurement capabilities.

  • It is easy to sync wirelessly with the TomTom  MySports app allowing viewing all the statistics in one place.
  • It is water resistant to protect your tracker from rain, sweat, and splashes.
  • Robust battery life allows 7 days of unperturbed use with a single recharge.
  • It offers notifications for incoming call and text messages.

Track your Fitness and Physical Composition on MySports App

All fitness stats, progress reports, and sharing options are available with the TomTom MySports app.

Price and Availability

TomTom Touch coming in blue, red and purple straps will be available from October this year at a price of $129.