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TomTom Golfer 2 – GPS Smartwatch that Tracks your Swing

TomTom Golfer 2

Dutch company TomTom is a global leader in navigation, traffic and map products, GPS Sport Watches and fleet management solutions. The TomTom Golfer was designed especially for golfers and enabled them to hit the perfect approach shot. After the success of the first version of the TomTom Golfer, TomTom has announced the launch of the TomTom Golfer 2.

Easiest Way to Improve Performance

The TomTom Golfer 2 comes inbuilt with a GPS receiver that provides accurate distance measurements to multiple points on each hole, giving timely and accurate instructions to master each shot. By connecting the TomTom Golfer to a desktop computer, golfers can update the software on their smartwatch and ensure all the latest information. Once the golfer is at the course, the TomTom Golfer automatically detects nearby courses through the GPS location. Golfers can then choose the course of their choice and get all the essential details about the course to start the game.

Offers the Latest Course Data

It helps golfers play with the latest course data. By pairing it with a smartphone, the TomTom Golfer can wirelessly receive course updates. To use this feature, users have to first download the MySport mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play and then pair the TomTom Golfer with the smartphone. Newly added courses and changes to existing course layouts will automatically be updated on the TomTom Golfer. Offering 10 hours of battery life, golfers can play up to 2 rounds of golf without having to charge their smartphone.

Knows Every Inch of the Course

The TomTom Golfer comes pre-loaded with layouts of over 34,000 international golf courses and possesses updated information on hazards, layouts and greens. The active GPS system on the watch ensures golfers know every inch of the course they are playing on, and also know the distance between themselves and each element on the course – from the green to the hole or water or sand hazards. Golfers can also see the distance to the lay ups on the course.

Possesses Unique Graphics

It is incorporated with unique graphics that enable golfers to hit the perfect approach shot. Golfers can see additional information about the layout of the hole ahead. Advanced graphics provide details of the upcoming hazards that allow golfers to gauge how hard they need to hit in order to get a perfect shot. From the green view screen, golfers can see the shape of the green, and the sand traps and water hazards in the vicinity. Golfers can also enter the score on the TomTom Golfer, anytime during the course of the game. Once the golfer walks off from the green, it automatically advances to the next hole.

Other Exciting Features of TomTom Golfer

  • It has a display screen of 22×25 mm, a thickness of 1.57 inch and weighs around 50g.
  • It has waterproofing capability up to 40m.
  • The smart watch is made from hand-crafted Italian leather that gives the TomTom Golfer a very stylish look.
  • It also includes a ball marker and holder that clips to the watch strap.
  • With the cart bag holder, golfers can clip the TomTom Golfer onto their golf cart when they are not wearing it.

To be Available Soon

While first edition of TomTom is priced at $199, the TomTom Golfer 2 is priced at $299 and is expected to be available soon for purchase. The watch can be bought from TomTom’s official website and will be delivered for free in 4-5 business days. TomTom is also offering a 30 day money back guarantee.