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Token: Live Securely In A Digital World


Token is a new smart ring. Token allows you to do things like making payments and opening doors. You can forget about maintaining passwords now.Token manages to do all this while maintaining a level of privacy. Token cares about your identity and guards with extra layers of security. It makes use of near field communication technology. It is the same technology that you will find in hotel keys and credit cards. It comes with Bluetooth. And has a wake feature to help you log into computers and do more things.

Focuses On Security.

The team who created Token claims that the ring not just allows you to make payments through your finger, but it’s larger focus is on security. Security of the user and his identity. For extra security, it gives you two methods of authentication for checking your identity. These methods are far better than any other physical add-ons of your cards. The team of Token wanted to create a product or device using which you feel safe and secure.

Comes In Six Sizes.

The ring is available in six sizes. It includes a battery that could last up to six weeks. It charges through inductive charging and can be programmed with gesture controls. The hardware itself isn’t all that interesting. It’s more the idea of what it could theoretically be used for that’s intriguing

App For Both iOS And Android.

Token’s ring uses a combination of fingerprinting. There’s a fingerprint sensor at the base of the ring. There is an optical proximity sensor. It ensures that your credentials can’t be accessed by a third party. There’s an app available for both iOS and Android. You can pair your ring with other Token rings. The biometric information with anything from their credit cards to their car keys.

The sterling silver Token ring only works when it’s worn by a user. The user needs to verify his identity with a fingerprint scan in the morning. Then with a series of gestures throughout the day. Any time the ring is removed, Token’s proximity sensors lock credentials and will only reactivate them when the fingerprint of the original user is detected, the company said.

The Partners.

MasterCard and Visa are partners with Token for payments. The list also has physical authenticator HID. Then there is Microsoft and the FIDO Alliance For online verification, you get FIDO Alliance and Microsoft.. The partnership with Microsoft is to strengthen the hard work to remove the requirement for passwords from your daily lives.

Token is a device that can also be used for instant access to public transit systems. It allows you to skip out the process of swiping your card. Token’s founders claim that it works now with more than 40 transit systems around the world. They say it will work well with another 20 in 2018.

Pretty Expensive.

The most basic ring style is the brushed silver. There are also options like Black Rhodium and Rose Gold available. The basic ring will cost you $249. A package with a deadbolt and a car plug will cost you $399. The Token wearable is a device that has a league of its own. It is definitely a step up from your regular wearables.. But it’s an expensive one.