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Toasteroid – Lending Creativity for your Daily Toasts!


Embracing creativity for your toasted bread is something out of the world. A toaster turns brown bread into a sizzling toast while Toasteroid is a smart toaster that can print anything from messages to printed doodles on a piece of toast. It is a simple way to connect with family and friends by inserting secret messages in a surprising way.

You just have to start by downloading the companion mobile app via Bluetooth then you have to select your desired level of browning or creating a design. It follows all your simple commands from your smartphone and still makes a perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had.

How does it Make a Refreshing Toast?


By using the process of heat, the Toasteroid can print on your whole-meal or dry bread. It works in the same way like it sketches on your smartphone where you can adjust the settings and within a few minutes, all the design will appear on the stuff.

There are seven levels of brownness as part of the app that can be previewed and set using the app manager, whilst a micro-filament feature is also embedded in the device that delivers delightfully consistent crunch to the food.

Elegant Design

Made up of die-cast aluminum, and chiseled curves, Toasteroid is an intelligent addition toaster with app control in any smart kitchen. With an array of nifty features including a clever crumb tray and integrated cord storage, it is a compact version of beauty with means.

Awesome Features of Toasteroid

  • The device allows you to burn an image of your face onto your bread for creating fun with your food.
  • Making a cartoon toast in the likeness of your kids’ favorite character becomes easy with Toasteroid.
  • All the local weather forecasts can be printed on your toast keeping you informed about the day ahead.
  • It lifts your mood with all the fun emoji’s that are used to unleash your imagination and surprise your loved ones.
  • Adding more creativity to it, the future looks more bright where mere greetings on special occasions will be forgotten and special birthday bread with printed pictures will be the latest fashion.
  • You can use the Toasteroid instead of sticky notes for setting reminders to your absent-minded family members.
  • It has a feature to control 7 level of controls of brownness of your toast like never before.
  • For security reasons all of the toast messages received can only be read on toast.

Price & Availability

The smart Toasteroid will be available in two sizes on the funding website of Kickstarter. The first size Toasteroid X1 will be ranged between US$79 while the Mini X1 will set you back by US$59. The first model has the capacity to handle two slices simultaneously, printing on both, whilst the other one can print on only one.

Brain Behind It

Manufacturing any new product is too hard when reinventing something that has been around for decades. This company has taken the support from manufacturing and distribution partners, to ensure and be equipped for the challenges ahead.


While we all know the fact that toasting bread can be a really boring chore, Toasteroid has added some fun to it making it more desirable.

It has cool options available for customizations like Doodles, Weather, Custom Messages, Personal Reminders and Brownness control, and also seems fairly useful since it adds to the average, non-printing kitchen appliance. To buy this gadget, just seek backers on Kickstarter and enjoy your tasty sandwiches with meaningful messages in the coming days.