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The Moon: A Levitating Smart Home Camera by 1-Ring

The Moon Smart Home Camera

There are many people who consider smart home gadgets are equally exciting and weird, and they refer to many devices launched so far with their peculiar look and features. But nothing seems more peculiar and eye-popping than the Moon, a never before, levitating smart camera for homes. Designed and developed by Delaware based startup 1-Ring, the Moon is world’s first levitating smart camera. The camera is capable of floating in the air while the base from the bottom charges and controls the camera wirelessly. So, it’s no less than a truly futuristic camera with a never before mechanism.

How the camera captures life around?

As the camera floats by the base continues to charge it wirelessly, and the camera can levitate perpetually capturing all things around. Using the connected app, you can rotate the camera to have a glimpse of the room around. The camera also comes equipped with motion sensing and microphone positioned on either side of its lenses. This allows the camera to turn to anything happening around by sensing the sound.

The best thing is the camera actions can also be customised as per your preference. For example, by sensing a movement around it can send you notifications, take a still snap or just record a video depending on your preferences. As for storage of the image or video files, Moon stores everything locally in a MicroSD card and allows uploading the same to any of your cloud drives.

Your home controls around the Moon

The Moon can really be your best home security camera as it can float and intelligently turn to noise and movements by tracking sounds. Moreover, it offers nice local as well as cloud storage option for all the video for you to access both locally or remotely. But besides working as a super cool smart security camera for your home, the Moon can also work great for taking total control of many gadgets and interactions at home. With built-in Wi-Fi along with a lot of connectivity features such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and NFC, it can really work as a hub of digital control for your home.

It is supposed to be launched with the power of smart home features thanks to a partnership with several smart home brands like Philips Hue, SmartThings and Honeywell. The camera will allow you controlling, navigating and interacting with an array of small home gadgets as well. Though as of now we really do not know which particular devices Moon will support with smart home control. In any case, if the speculation is true it can actually replace so-called smart home assistants like SmartThings and Philips Hue.

But even if it doesn’t work with any of the smart home assistants of gadget manufacturers, it is likely to support all major voice assistants including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. In addition to this, thanks to the IR blaster the Moon will be able to control the speaker systems and TV.

Feature rich and ultra sensitive

The company 1-Ring announced that the Moon would also come with sensors for measuring temperatures, humidity and air quality and accordingly will send users notifications. The inbuilt speaker will allow you doing video calls as well. The microphones in this camera will also be extremely sensitive to decipher every different sound of activities like talking, crying or glass breaking.

Impressive camera specs

The camera will also have a range of sophisticated specifications that set it apart from all the home cameras launched so far. Here are the most noteworthy specifications of the Moon camera.

  • It comes with 1080p HD resolution, and it is capable of shooting films at 30 frames per second.
  • The Moon lens offers a 130-degree viewing angle.
  • For working at dark interior, it is loaded with infrared LED night vision.
  • The Moon is spherical in shape and is magnetic. This allows you to position it everywhere at ease.
  • The camera comes with a good battery that can last up to five hours for continuous shooting.
  • It can also deliver time lapse video footage representing moments throughout a day.
  • It also offers away modes and home modes and gives signals with lights.

Final verdict

The Moon available through a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo will offer a discount for preorders. But when it starts shipping it is expected to cost around $330 which is not a hefty price tag considering the array of features and specs it offers.