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The 3D Printer is now Kid-Friendly with Rever 3D!

Rever 3D Printer

The commercial 3D printer space was reserved for designers and has not yet made inroads in the mainstream technology. It has garnered an academic niche. By introducing 3D printing to a new market, kids, Rever 3D is making it count. The Rever 3D printer is an affordable and fantastic 3D printer for children who would like to make their own toys and boost their imagination.

The small 3D printer looks like a space helmet and does not look like a generic high-tech device or just an oversimplified toy for kids. The design includes a translucent visor of the helmet and is meant for safety for kids.

The Vision of the Maker Qubea

3D printing firm Qubea, which incepted in mid-2012, developed the new 3D printer and is now marketing it as an affordable 3D printer for kids. The firm has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 using the same marketing ploy.

After seeing its products in several professional and medical scenarios, Qubea decided to make a 3D printer for the kids.

The Rever has been designed keeping in mind its immense affordability, usability along with adequate safety in mind, thus venturing for being the first creative 3D tool for kids. Qubea says that their gadget will bring the joy of creativity to kids with the first affordable 3D printer for kids which is safe and highly intuitive.

The 3D Printing Process

  • The Rever 3D prints objects in amazing detail and the see-through door remains closed throughout the process.
  • This door prevents a curious child from poking their hand during the process. Once the door opens, the 3D printer nozzle is put away inside, away from the fingers of a child.
  • The smart design is appreciable with regards to the kid’s safety.

Colours and Composition

The device comes in white, blue, red and yellow, and has the ability to print objects like other 3D printers. One can even see through the demo video that the gadget is capable of making lego blocks and use them to make toys, bracelets and several other trinkets.

Boys can even create their superheroes through the 3D printer with just an image or even create a 3D-printed plane resembling an Airbus. The girls can craft jewelry and shoes based on their interest. The imagination of these kids will come out live and each of these kids can make 3D objects that they can use in their daily lives.

Are the Safety Measures enough?

Those who have worked with a 3D printer will know that the heated and moving parts might be hazardous in wrong hands. The Rever aims to render unprecedented safety levels and an incredible, translucent safety door. Kids can watch the entire 3D printing process through a window, with mechanical parts safely behind the door. The door can only be unlocked once the parts are retracted. The makers have assured that the kid is not near any of the printer’s moving parts, thus keeping them very safe from any harm.

The toxicity of the printer’s plastic filament is another problem. The PLA used for Rever’s cartridges is, non-toxic though. The 3D printer which can print plates and cups can be used for eating and drinking too. Also there will be no worry for parents if their kids accidently take a bite from one of the prints.

Kickstarter Success and the Expected Pricing

Rever 3D Printer is getting huge acknowledgment in the form of backers on Kickstarter, having earned nearly $50,000 of its $120,000 goal in days. The device is expected to retail for $399 and now available for $229 with dispatch scheduled for next June.

There are other 3D printers in the market too including the Printeer, but Rever 3D is designed for kids and available for a significantly lower price. For a limited time only, those backing the product can receive a Rever for the $169 pledge, before the price of $219 kicks in. It will be available in varied colours for $269.