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Tag Heuer Connected – The Luxury Watch Maker’s First Android Smartwatch is Here

Tag Heuer Connected

Smart technology has taken the world by storm. While Apple and Samsung are enjoying immense popularity in the smartwatch industry, there is a gamut of companies launching their own smart watches in order to keep pace in the industry. Most smartwatches today have done away with the boring, gadget-looking devices and are embracing a modern, innovative, watch-like design in order to woo customers and enable them to make a fashion statement.

Entering the Rat Race

With smartwatch companies capturing the watch industry, premium watchmakers like Tag Heuer are putting in efforts to be an integral part of the rat race.  Making its mark in the smartwatch space, luxury watch maker Tag Heuer, in association with Google has recently announced the launch of its first Android wears a smartwatch, the Tag Heuer Connected. Tag Heuer Connected is the first smartwatch to boast of an Intel chip inside.

Luxury Make

Quality and luxury have always been paramount for Tag Heuer and Tag Heuer Connected is no different. Like all its other watches, Tag Heuer Connected also trades on the Swiss Made tag, showcasing the mark of high-quality. The entire smartwatch is covered by a crystal sapphire that gives it an ultra-glam look and makes it stand out in the competition. It has a 46mm build that gives it a macho look and measures 12.88 mm in depth, making it fatter than most Android watches in the market. However, the watch only weighs 52g as the case and lugs are made from grade 2 titanium.

Ultra-Glam Design

In order to look like a mechanical watch, Tag Heuer Connected includes the minutes and seconds hand, index and chronograph counters in addition to timer, alarm and stopwatch functions. Tag Heuer Connected has three digital faces, in black, deep blue and pearl and comes with a black rubber strap. Users can choose to opt for yellow, white and silver straps that are sold separately. Tag Heuer Connected has interactive counters that provide live information like weather updates, alerts or news. The counters are placed on the chronograph dials; touching the counter opens third party apps in full screen.

Exceptional Specs of Tag Heuer Connected

  • It offers a power-packed performance, thanks to the Intel Atom Z34XX processor that is housed inside.
  • The 360×360 LCD screen boasts of a 240ppi pixel density.
  • Tag Heuer Connected has a 4GB storage on board, which is standard for most Android Wear devices.
  • It is dust and water resistant and is IP67 rated.
  • Tag Heuer Connected is powered by a 410mAH battery and promises to offer up to 25 hours of battery life.

Luxury Comes at a Price

Like all of Tag Heuer’s watches, the Tag Heuer Connected is also priced exorbitantly. On sale since 9th November 2015 in New York and extended to Europe in the following week, Tag Heuer Connected carries a price tag of €1,350. The company plans to launch only a 1000 pieces initially, which is a classic watch maker’s move that makes it a limited edition watch.

The Option to Upgrade

In order to extend the lifespan of the product, the makers of Tag Heuer Connected announced that users can upgrade their smartwatch. With the aim of creating a product that could last forever, Tag Heuer Connected owners can opt for exchanging their smartwatch with a standard mechanical watch. However, this too will come at a price, as users will be expected to shell out as much as the smartwatch price, i.e. €1,350.