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CozyTap: A Device That Can Revolutionize The Way You Use Your Laptop


We have all struggled with laptops where desk space is limited. It could be in a conference room, on an airplane etc. Using a clumsy mouse or touchpad is no fun there. But what if we could control the mouse cursor with an elegant whoosh of the hand. Right above the keyboard, if we were just typing. CozyTap is a new product in the user interface market. It is developed by a Hungarian team. The mouse is to be replaced by a webcam mounted gadgets small touchpad for laptops – and part of the keyboard.

A Tiny Device.

A small device will be located in front of the lens notebook webcam. The special geometry and materials in the interior mirror practically draws the image of the camera user’s hands. The interpretation of the gestures is made entirely by software. It is based on the camera image. So far it is only compatible with Windows and MacOS systems. The software is not excluded in case of major Linux customers who need the preparation of the control software.

The Technology.

The CozyTap projects the picture of the web camera onto the hands of the user. Its real power lies in the control software which ensures basic mouse functions, scrolling and zooming. It also has a creative side. With the help of CozyTap, you can make different shapes and control signs using your hands. Left-handed people can also use CozyTap just as easily as right-handed people. You don’t have to move your hands away from the keyboard to be able to click into a document, add text or do anything that you would do with a mouse.

There are Two Versions.

You simply need to ask in front of the webcam when you want to use. The peripheral will be available in two versions. But there are hardware differences between normal and creative variations.The difference can create a fully software-related, people with creative personalized versions of the product gestures control software. The creative version includes development tools that lets users create their own user control signals.

Say Goodby To The Touchpad.

The first delivery of the product is said to be done in October. The device is said to be sold at $39. With the help of this Hungarian innovation, you can say goodbye to the mouse that takes up quite a lot of space and the inconvenient and frequently unreliable TouchPad.