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Starry Station IQ – The Ambient Touchscreen Wi-Fi Router that will Make you Drool

Starry Station IQ

Starry Station IQ is an ambient Wi-Fi Station that does not need troubleshooting. This touchscreen device represents its state with a blue or red orb indicating Wifi health. If you run into trouble, it also tells you the process to fix it.

Starry WiFi Station can help you troubleshoot its own connectivity issues which are a completely new feature and it gives complete access to customer support as it looks great too. The device does provide the internet which is faster and cheaper than any other connection. Now that is something!

The Starry Vision

Starry is the name of the new startup from the team that brought Aereo to life. It is not the average WiFi router or modem that is generic in features but a sleek, white device that includes an ambient touchscreen for controlling accessibility and varied software features.

10 Main Features of the Starry Station IQ

  1. The Health Score monitors the speeds of connected devices and the internet connection too.
  2. When you face a problem with the connection, it will mention the recommended steps to fix it.
  3. It has a unique triangle design encouraging customers to keep it out on display rather than in a hidden drawer.
  4. In its ambient mode, you can the health score and find the problem with your service, all types of Wi-Fi conditions, or the fault in one of the devices.
  5. In the interactive mode, Starry senses your proximity and the screen changes to Health Score display, Internet speed changes, and the online devices.
  6. Starry can run frequent speed tests to check on the overall speed test too.
  7. It gives a real-time view of connected devices and the most consumption of data. Red means danger while blue means healthy.
  8. The Activity Map can track the devices and search for the relevant device too.
  9. With parental controls, one can get the kids to learn time management online and offline with several presets.
  10. Create your own rules around the devices and restrict them at their time of usage too.

Why Starry means a lot for Regulating Network Connectivity

Starry Station IQ

By dynamically monitoring the Internet health and its speed along with connectivity, Starry brings a comprehensive view of the period when the speed dips. You can have long data views too. ScreenTime lets you set particular network rules for restricting and allowing the specific set of devices. One can even change the presets for weekends and weekdays too.

No one needs to call a system or network engineer to your home to set up the internet connection. A button on the Starry Wifi Station’s touchscreen can get you connected to its customer support. Starry Station needs a Starry Point receiver that should be near one of the windows.

The Idea Behind the Innovation

Starry makes use of millimetre wave bands for transmitting the internet in the atmosphere and thus regulate internet speeds faster than the regular broadband connections at cheaper rates. It is not one hardware for fixing up the company’s new broadband network, though. The Starry Wifi Station is a bubbly interface that detects the overall network health score depending on the issues that plague the connections.

It does deliver on the networking ease-of-use and can coax the router to show the network name and password. The proximity sensor on the device can detect humans and can toggle its display for health score, internet speed, and the number of connections. Kanojia and his crew will be unveiling the device in New York and the shipping is expected to be handled in March.

The Starry Wifi Station router will be priced for $350.