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SPUD – The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display


We all love our mobile devices: our digital content is no longer confined to a computer screen in an office or to a television in the living room. Want to watch a movie at the park? Fire up Netflix on your phone! Need to finish that Excel work on the road? Bust out that laptop! This digital content, however, is limited by the small screens of these devices. Until now…

The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display, or SPUD, is a portable display system that allows you to quickly “pop-up” a 24-inch display that connects to any of your mobile devices, and then collapse just as quickly when you’re done for immediate portability.

About SPUD

SPUD is the only high-resolution, 24-inch display with an awesome benefit of ultra-portability. It crumbles like a ruggedized umbrella to the size and weight of a paperback book – making it ideal for anyone on the go.SPUD uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need. Either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter, SPUD can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter – no matter where you are!

SPUD optimizes the visual experience on practically any device, right from watching movies on the go to being productive while away from your office.

How SPUD Works (133)

To put it simply, SPUD uses rear projection technology in a new way. A small, projector at the rear of the unit projects the high definition image on the “popped up” screen. However, SPUD does not need dim lighting, a wall, or a long projection distance, like it is in a traditional projector. The SPUD form factor creates an optimized projection environment, including the optimized screen, to ensure a bright, crisp image every time without the hassle!

From the user perspective, the mechanics of SPUD work just like a ruggedized umbrella. Just pop it open and start using it as an additional screen for your mobile device. It connects via HDMI, so it works just like a TV (no software installation required). You can even use a wireless adapter like a Chromecast to make SPUD wireless! It was designed to be portable: its battery power, lightweight design, and built in carrying case make it ideal for use on the go!

SPUD Use Cases


There are countless ways to use your SPUD. Whether you’re traveling, camping, tailgating, hanging out with friends at a coffee shop, or just lounging around your house, it’s the big screen that can be used anywhere. Having a dual-screen setup while at work is great for productivity, but you can also use it for presentations and as a collaboration tool. It’s great for trade shows, sales visits, or any kind of other field work.

It gives you that flexibility you need irrelevant of the situation. It’s a complete solution in a small package that you can take absolutely anywhere!

Technical Specifications

  • Screen size – 21” W x 11” H, 24” diagonal
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Native resolution – 1280×720, DLP
  • Brightness – 350 nits (normal/soft lighting use) to 785 nits (bright office use)
  • Battery life – 4 hours (@ 785 nits brightness) to 10 hours (@ 350 nits brightness)
  • Weight – Less than 2 pounds
  • Collapsed size – 5.64” W x 2.17” H x 7.52” L
  • Connection – HDMI or wireless adapter
  • Power – USB Charging (USB-C Cable and wall power adapter included)
  • Refresh rate – 120Hz
  • Audio – Built-in stereo speakers

Price & Availability

SPUD is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $399 USD or less (regular price will be $499), and it will be shipping starting in June 2017.


SPUD’s lightweight design, battery power, and collapsibility make it a truly portable device you can take anywhere, and its high brightness and crisp image quality increase the value of any mobile content.  SPUD is the only way to get a hassle-free, large screen on the go for entertainment or for work!