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SprayPrinter Declares War Against Blank Walls with SprayPrinter 2


SprayPrinter is launched the newest model, SprayPrinter 2, on Kickstarter November 7th. SprayPrinter’s new model is quicker, more accurate, and enables multiple people to print at the same time.

What is SprayPrinter

SprayPrinter is the smart spray paint technology that lets your spray can do the thinking. You can spray paint images on any surface with just a smartphone, some spray paint, and SprayPrinter. It knows where to release the paint making it perfect for creatives at any level.

Interior design can consume both time and money, and not everyone has the skills needed. Besides, people get weary by the same solution in time. SprayPrinter enables users to design their surroundings (walls, clothes, furniture, cars, etc)  according to their own taste and use their own designs for that.

People want more say in their creativity but may not have the skills necessary to create unique individual artworks. SprayPrinter lets non-artists enter the world of wall design and have control over their own creativity. People who already know how to draw, paint etc can benefit from our app by selling their designs there.

The Origin of SprayPrinter

The origin of SprayPrinter begins with the story of a young girl and her wish for a unicorn. After some convincing from her father, she eventually settled on a unicorn drawing. The girl’s father was a terrible artist, but a great inventor, so with some creative thinking and a Nintendo Wii controller strapped to a car engine valve SprayPrinter and a unicorn was born.

The great inventor (and father) behind SprayPrinter, Mihkel Joala, got his inspiration from modern engines because engines these days use fast valves to spray fuel into the combustion chamber, which made him realize that he can use them to shoot paint with pinpoint accuracy, he said.

How does it work?

SprayPrinter may seem like it operates on unicorn magic, but it’s not so mysterious: It communicates to your phone via Bluetooth and an LED-light on the printer.  The image is printed layer by layer, pixel by pixel, and you can also use as many colors as you like.

It turns your wall into a smart coloring book that ensures you stay inside the lines. The printer knows where to release paint, so people without prior artistic skills can create beautiful pieces using SprayPrinter. You can take pictures from a phone and then “print” that image onto any surfaces using spray paint.

Upload the image you want to print into our app or get a ready-made one from our community shop. Set up your phone on a tripod facing where you want to print. Attach SprayPrinter to a suitable spray paint, select the first layer of the print in the app,  and start printing. When you’ve completed one layer you can continue onto the next by switching spray cans and selecting the next layer in the app. Print layer by layer until your image is finished, step back and admire your spray painted a masterpiece.

The core technology behind SprayPrinter is unique, and no one has done it before. Our main competitors are traditional mediums of art: paint, posters, stickers, wallpaper, stencils etc. SprayPrinter probably will not replace the usage of any of those, but it rather expands the realm of possibilities for wall design and makes it possible for even more people.

The other mediums limit the general public to just the materials given to them, and even with prior artistic knowledge design is time-consuming. SprayPrinter lets you choose the designs straight from your phone,  plus it can be used indoors and outdoors on almost any service.

SprayPrinter’s Traction Market

In 2015 around 13 billion spray cans were sold globally and this is a  growing trend. In 2020, the predictable amount of sold units is 15 billion. SprayPrinter utilizes and expands upon this market. Many people have never used spray paint before because of the skill it requires and its lack of accessibility to minors. Spray Printer is looking to fix that, so they have partnered with the largest spray paint manufacture MTN. Recently, MTN introduced a water-based spray paint. This means that even children can now safely use spray paint. With the collaboration of MNT and SprayPrinter, spray paint can now be used by more people and in more places than ever before.

Currently, they have shipped out 50 SprayPrinters to our Indiegogo early birds. They have received their products and are already out there spray printing. Their other backers will receive their printers in December.

The company seeks to produce SprayPrinters for retail sale. The app also works as a digital marketplace for designers, where artists can sell their designs through the app, while they get a share from these transactions.

The primary investors of SprayPrinter have been local Estonian investors and Build It Accelerator.

Recently, the company secured a seed round with local investors and are preparing Series A round.  Our total invested funds sit at 402K.

The Bottom Line

It is currently looking to bring in additional funding and company awareness through a Kickstarter campaign. The money will be used for product development as they prepare it for mass production. So, don’t waste your time and go creative with SprayPrinter.