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Spinneroo Is A Smart And Interactive Fidget Spinner


Spinneroo is a hand spinner, designed to help focus attention, increase creativity and keep fidgeting fingers busy. The programmable LEDs keeps creativity flowing and the Bluetooth speaker will keep you entertained.

The Spinneroo App.

The App allows for selection of 3 alternating text messages and 3 light patterns plus 1 Spinneroo statistic such as battery status, speed or RPM. You can also decide on colours and display mode for each light pattern, text or static. The company is planning to add more patterns on a regular basis that will be available with periodic App updates.

Reinventing Ergonomics.

Spinneroo has an improved, sleeker profile. It allows for a more comfortable spinning experience. You can Kick, Pull or Flick with comfort and ease. Three weighted outer arms add stability to the frame. It is centred by US-made R188 hybrid ceramic bearing for smooth and long spin time, and the threaded caps for easy inspection and cleaning.

Exquisite Materials.

It is made from aerospace grade aluminium. It is anodized to create a durable, corrosion-resistant surface. The anodizing process adds a semi-glossy texture that is available in exquisite silver, black or blue finish.

Balance, Strength & Durability.

Spinneroo’s frame is well balanced. It is also robust and durable. The frame was manufactured in Australia and machined to a professional finish.

Basic Features.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Its offers Bluetooth connectivity.
  2. USB Rechargeable Battery: Spinneroo comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB slot for charging.
  3. Intuitive Mobile App: Spinneroo has an intuitive companion app in support of the device.
  4. Customizable LED Lights: Spinneroo comes with customizable LED lights.
  5. Portable Speaker: It also has a portable speaker.
  6. Voice Gram: It also has a voice gram, using which you can record audio.

Creative Juices Extractor.

It can display a message or make a statement with text or graphics in lights. This can be done from an intuitive, easy to use companion mobile app. It is available for both iOS & Android. It can also display battery level, speed or RPM of your spinner. So you never need to wonder how fast you were spinning or how many revolutions you have been accruing and if that is not enough Spinneroo can play your favourite tunes from the built-in speaker while you fidget or relax.