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Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids!

Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids

As many of our games are evolving and advancing right in front of us, we have some more to show. Every toy store panders to the geeks and the kids who are fond of tech toys and their classic avatars. The Sphero Ball is one such invention that is so awesome that it can augur well to all, kids, adults, geeks, and the like. This is one hell of a ball that I am talking about.

What is Sphero Ball?

Sphero is a robotic ball that is unlike any other ball you would have seen. It’s a fantastic robotic ball gaming device that can be controlled through a tilt, touch or even a swing on one’s smartphone or tablet. It delivers some sort of mixed-reality experience you can chart its path and Sphero will follow the path. Swing your smartphone like wielding a golf club and Sphero will stand as your golf ball and even fly far with every hit. There are various compatible games and apps that you can have fun with.

The ball is compatible with iOS and Android both.

Have a ball of a time with Sphero Ball!

This connected gizmo is controlled by your smartphone or tablet and hence it is easy to play all types of ball games through gestures and swipes on the smartphone. Using tilt sensors or onscreen controls your ball can do various things without you even touching it.

Sphero can play all kinds of games, and the free apps for each platform has some incredible augmented-reality titles. One can even steer Sphero away virtual onscreen zombies in the amazing game Rolling Dead and you can even play Sphero Golf throughout the 18-course golf tournament virtually.

Since it is made of polycarbonate shell, it is near indestructible. It can glow in different colors, which would look cool in the night too. Since it is waterproof, you can control the ball in water. You can even get your kid to play with the sweet little toy even though they might not be tech-savvy.

Product Specifications

  • The robotic ball is available in original avatar or Sphero 2.0
  • Control it with your smartphone or tablet through iOS and Android platform
  • Interesting single and multi-player virtual world where you can play in reality
  • Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets can control the ball in every game
  • Change Sphero’s color to depending on preferences or moods and even have it glow in the dark
  • It includes a inductive charging base and even an option for wireless charging
  • Quick Start card and a user manual included with kit
  • Made of Opaque high-impact polycarbonate shell inclusive of an Orbotix Robot
  • The battery is LiPo with an hour of drive time after a three-hour charge
  • Sphero 2.0 offers advanced functionalities with twice the speed, and three times the original brightness, along with enhanced accuracy.

The Sphero Price

Amazon customers have rated the Sphero ball at around 4 stars. The ball is priced currently at $69.99.

For a limited time, ShopTronics is introducing the Sphero robotic ball gaming system for both the Android and iOS platforms for just $49.96, exclusive of $10 for shipping. Apply coupon code SPHEROCNET at checkout. It is a cool enough ball to buy for 50 bucks…don’t you think? Would you buy Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids!