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Spacemap Launched The First Ever Removable 360 Wrist Camera


Cameras that shoot in 360 degrees are products that are in great demand these days. For example, there is the Insta360, the Allie 360, the Nico360, the Insta360 Pro. But none of those cameras fit inside a wrist-worn wearable. But recently, a Singapore-based startup named Spacemap, has developed Beoncam Removable 360 Wrist Camera.

As the product name suggests, Beoncam Removable 360 Wrist Camera is a wrist-worn video camera that captures pictures and videos. It is not quite a 360-degree camera. But Beoncam is equipped with a 190-degree lens that captures images in circular form which, when viewed in the companion app, you will get the full 360-degree effect. And it does it all without bumping the images to a terrible size. The recorded images are lightweight enough to allow for instant share, via smartphone, to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and others. You can also live to stream it to your smartphone.

Compact Design.

The core principles that Beoncam is designed around are a convenience, ease of use and a long stand-by time for the user. We have carefully selected a dedicated electronic system (SoC) which is customized for this wearable product to be the “heart” of Beoncam’s system. With its ultra low power consumption and sophisticated power management, Beoncam is able to achieve almost a week of stand-by time, three hours of continuous recording time, wireless live preview and many other features.

From a baby’s first steps to loveing, at first sight, Spacemap wants you to be able to experience those moments and capture them without having to stop everything to grab your camera. Beoncam is an answer to bulky, clumsy and slow cameras. The camera is wearable and lightweight. It has a compact and splash proof design. It’s also removable and attachable to different surfaces so it fits your lifestyle and creativity easily.

How Does It Work?

Beoncam is a 360° + 190° wearable panoramic camera with 5MP. The super wide-angle lens comes with CMOS Sensor and the low power consumption SoC. That enables the camera to produce JPEG image and HD Video instantly. Beoncam is simple to use and has only 3 buttons on it – On/Off, Image Capture and Video Recording. Image/video is stored into the 8GB built-in memory provided in the camera.

The Live Preview feature on the camera allows downloading of images/videos via a Wi-Fi hotspot. All this can be done simply by using the free Beoncam mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Beoncam has a highly optimized PMU which enables long standby time (four days) and long video recording capability of three hours per charge with the embedded Li-Ion polymer cell.

What’s In The Box?

Spacemap has designed and created some of their own accessories to fit with Beoncam that will allow you to use it anywhere with ease. They have also created a cradle with a base adapter mount. Here is a list of all the accessories that comes with Beoncam:

  1. Wrist Strap + Strap Ring.
  2. Cradle with Tripod Adapter Mount – For Charging Beoncam and to mount Beoncam onto other accessories with the Screw Adapter Mount Head.
  3. Bicycle handlebar ring using which you can place Beoncam on the bicycle handlebar to capture yourself and the things around you.
  4. Helmet clip helps you clip Beoncam in-front or behind on your helmet to capture everything around you.
  5. With the flat clip, you can clip Beoncam on your bag or on your pocket or you can wear it like a pendent.
  6. USB cable.
  7. Lens cloth.
  8. Carry pouch.
  9. Quick user guide.
  10. One Year Warranty.

Waterproof Casing.

Since Beoncam is only splash proof, Spacemap has designed a waterproof casing specifically for the camera. This way you can use it while in the pool or any water activities up to a depth of 20 feet (6 meters). The waterproof casing can be purchased for $19 and you can save up to 40% of its retail price.

Beoncam App.

With the help of Beoncam app, you can remotely control the camera to capture and view images/videos. Spacemap has created both iOS and Android versions of the app so everyone can use Beoncam. Connect Beoncam to your iOS or Android device through Bluetooth for controlling and Wi-Fi to view a live preview and downloading images/videos from Beoncam to the app. Using the app, you can remotely control Beoncam’s 360-degree camera, view captured images and video, instantly share videos and pictures with friends and family through Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube, and dress up any shot or video with image enhancing filters.

Delivering in July.

You can pick up the Beoncam Removable 360 Wrist Camera as a pre-order on Indiegogo. Depending on how soon you pledge and the options, you are looking at between $99 and $149 for a unit. If all goes as planned, Beoncam should be delivered sometime in July 2017.