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Sony Z9D Android TV – The Smartest 4K Television with Astounding Imagery

Sony Z9D Android TV

At a media event in Los Angeles, Sony unveiled their Z9D television series, a super high-end flagship of TVs that are available in three screen size options and an integrated “Backlight Master Drive” technology. The new TV has a 40 percent more powerful imaging processing engine than the previous generation, which can convert even a low-quality signal into immersive imagery.

With its 4K resolution, it has got the best clarity, detail and brightness of any TV in the industry. Additionally, like other Sony TVs, this Z9D uses Google’s excellent Android TV interface to deliver direct access to YouTube and Google Play Music, Movies & TV, that can stream from your Sony smartphone or even from another Android device.

Elegant Design

As per the name, the brand “Z” marks a step forward in display technology which uses a completely new design with perfect angles. Z9D is also designed for HDR and works with 4K HDR content, be it from 4K Blu-ray titles or streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. The 100-inch version allows you to choose between a floor stand and table stand that is quite handy to use. The brightness of this prototype has 4,000 units which is said to be much brighter than most LED-backlit TVs.

Important Features of Sony Z9D Android TV

  • The Z9D is Sony’s best model with a Backlight Master Drive, a key technology of the Z series, which attains extraordinary contrast and extremely accurate wide color expression for HDR video.
  • It will also use the latest image processor called 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme that has the ability to handle 40 percent more real-time image processing compared to previous processors.
  • The processor is inbuilt with technologies such as object-based HDR remaster, dual database processing and Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR.
  • Z9D also has a “dense LED structure” that enables it to have discrete control of each LED.
  • For displaying higher contrast, it has a unique optical structure that gathers the emitted LED light.
  • There is an automatic upscaling of individual frames for contrast, color, and other picture corrections.
  • LEDs can be dimmed, brightened or turned-off individually with precise images.
  • Using Sony’s interface, the series runs on the Android TV platform.
  • It supports natural language queries, normally done when searching for stuff.

Other Specifications

The object-based HDR remaster is used to analyze object’s color and contrast, other than that dual-database processing, handles upscaling and noise reduction at the same time. The latest feature of Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR converts an 8- or 10-bit signal to 14-bit.

Available Models

The Z9D runs on Android TV, which has access to the Google Play store as well as use Google Cast to send content from a mobile device to the TV screen. The 65 and 75-inch TV comes only with a table-top stand, whereas the 100-inch version has an additional floor stand.

Price Per Model

Sony Z9D 4K Series comes in three models – the 65-inch comes for $6,999, the 75-inch may be approximately priced at $9,999; and the 100-inch price is yet to be unveiled.  The two models can be pre-ordered via and will be available this summer. The 100-inch TV along with its price and availability will be announced later this year.

Our Review

Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV is tailor-made for enhanced home viewing experience with an accurate representation of life-like scenes and action sequences that come in better visual colors. Using the smartphone and other Android devices Sony has given the best device for video lovers. Certainly you can enjoy your viewing with better technology that comes at a reasonable price.