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Xperia Ear – A Smart Way to Communicate with the World

Xperia Ear

Sony is “re-imagining” the Xperia brand particularly the devices that exude intelligence and deliver personalized experiences. Therefore, Sony has launched a smart device named Xperia Ear which promises to be more than just an in-ear Bluetooth headset. Previewed at MWC as part of the new Xperia accessory, it has highlighted the lineup of smartphone accessories.

It is an audible digital assistant, whispering in your ear, your next appointment or the latest news. By using Sony’s voice technology, you can get help to respond verbal commands very efficiently. This latest device has the potential that certainly proves that you don’t need a big gadget or a smartwatch to get alerts and gives hope to anyone who has suffered from disappointing in-ear devices.

Unique Design

Xperia Ear is made up of soft silicone and the ear bud is designed for a comfort fit which can be used as a continuous wear. The hero model will be graphite black and we will get to see more colors once the gadget has launched.

It has a clear audio coming from earpiece which will be able to answer the phone call without fiddling with any buttons. It also includes a gyroscope and accelerometer especially for noise-suppression and echo-canceling technologies.

Weighing in at about 0.24 ounces it has IPX2 water protection that would warn us about any upcoming weather change. Bundled in with the hearable there will be a range of ear tips and also three different sized ‘wings’ that cater to everyone’s ear shapes and sizes. Sony has included a charger in the cigarette lighter-sized carrying case with two microphones inbuilt in it.

Special Features of Xperia Ear

  • Sony’s Xperia Ear uses voice technology to take voice commands.
  • You can customize app notifications and touch commands easily.
  • You can set up a companion app as a shortcut to call home, or launch a music app.
  • Hear the time with a single click.
  • Search for stuff on Wikipedia to get any type of information.
  • Ask for street directions with the help of Google Maps.
  • Send text messages instantly to your contacts.
  • Listen to Xperia Ear read the most recent unread text messages.
  • Get all your scheduled upcoming events for the day to prioritize your work.
  • Even with a low battery, you can get your voice notifications.
  • Play or pause music whenever you like.
  • Play a startup message – for any type of updates whether it is news, time, traffic or date.

Enhance your Life with Personal Assistant

Sony’s Xperia Ear has a personal touch with which it lets you carry on communicating while enjoying the world around you. You can get all the updates regarding messages, notifications, and weather predictions wherever you go as it reads out to you.

You can set it to deliver info for the day ahead, and select various apps for notifications and other personal tweaks. Aside from new features coming in the future, people can feel more comfortable using voice commands at home which eventually would change the way of smart devices.


  • Personalized information for updates
  • Voice commands for quick and efficient hands-free
  • Lightweight and portable to carry anywhere
  • Voice optimization for background noise reduction
  • Weight of Xperia Ear – 6.8g
  • Dimensions of the personal earphones- 29.3 x 15.2 x 25.2mm
  • Durability – IPX2 certified

Cost Price and Launch Date

Incidentally, it doesn’t have a confirmed price yet but hopes to launch for around $130. It will be available in summer 2016 in Graphite Black only with no customized colors announced yet.


With all these superb features, Xperia Ear is surely a really nice headset, which will surely find its fans in the market. Needless to say, it sure has big potential and looks a wonderful tool for people with busy lives. As Xperia Ear delivers a reliable experience, Sony can boast about its first non-fitness hit hearable on its hands.