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Sony WF-SP700N – Noise Cancellation Headphones for a True Aural Experience!

Sony WF-SP700N

In recent years, the number of wireless earbuds has increased tremendously with the biggest sound companies launching models of their own. In fact, Sony also launched the first wireless earbud WF-1000X, and now it is back with its newest version.

Right after the first success with true-blue wireless buds WF-1000X – Sony announced a truly unique set of wireless in-ears, the definitive WF-SP700N, at the CES 2018.

The WF-SP700Ns is known primarily for its noise-cancelling technology and an inbuilt Ambient Sound feature that lets users be aware of your their immediate surroundings just like the WF-1000X. The in-ear buds boast of three hours of battery, and the carry case carries two more charges for use. Now that means that you will never run out of juice despite playing songs for the entire day!

An Aural Experience – Nothing Short of Impressive!

Sony has never ventured to make a sensation in the market with eye-catching names so one can expect its nomenclature to be quite tech-oriented. But the company certainly packs a punch with headphones that pack incredible noise cancellation within a brilliant wireless form-factor and deliver a complete aural experience that is sure to attract music lovers.

Stylish Design and Outstanding Performance

The WF-is stylish in appearance, and presents a bolder version to its predecessor the WF-1000X. The previous pair was somewhat bulky and awkward in its appearance. But the SP700N embraces a bolder color scheme and makes a strong aesthetic and aural statement for its market.

The in-earbuds are perfect for people who are focused on fitness and hence these headphones are designed for secure placement within the ears. They stay put owing to its unique sports-focused design. The device though lacks fitness tracking elements that would have made them handier while working out.

Seamless Software and Upgrades

In regards to its software side, Sony provides its companion app that has witnessed some upgrades for the headphones. The three levels of noise-cancellation feature block out everything or settle into an ambient mode that lets the users be aware of their surroundings. One of the modes also lets in multiple sounds to keep one safe.

Salient Features of the Sony WF-SP700Ns Earbuds

  • The app includes a ‘prioritise stable connection’ feature that drops sound quality a little but ensures seamless music play even in congested areas of high interference.
  • The earbuds last for about three hours on one charge and come with a case that can recharge these earbuds more than twice on a single charge.
  • The new headphones include a huge antenna, bigger than the previous one, hence ensuring a stronger wireless connection.
  • The headphones boast of a bassier sound signature with incredible detail guaranteed to get you your adrenaline rush!
  • The WF-SP700N will be upgraded to include Google Assistant to control playback with voice recognition.
  • The device is assessed with an IPX4 rating that protects audio devices from sweat, moisture and the harsh climate.

Additional Features and Attributes

Like some other Sony’s audio gadgets, the WF-SP700N also features the useful option of introducing ambient sound mode, to seep in limited sound waves without disturbing you. The charging case can be charged within a 15-minute quick charge that brings in whopping 70 minutes of listening time. Expect three hours of battery life with aural sounds to be heard throughout the day. Many companies claim around five hours of playback in this regard.

The WF-SP700N does have incredible audio clarity and quality with a solid amount of bass. The device also presents a healthy dose of the base that is usually reserved for the priciest headphones in the market.

Shipping and Pricing

The WF-SP700N will be shipped this spring. When it does, expect multiple color options and a handy price of $180/£190 to grab the scintillating pair. The pricing is aggressive enough to ward off its immediate competitors.

The trend of pairing great with uninteresting names is not new. But here is a pair of true wireless earbuds that are absolutely worth the money and perfect for sportspersons who are keen to have real music in their ears.