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PS4 Pro – Sony’s Newest PlayStation is Attracting Attention!

PS4 Pro

The latest console to come from Sony will, in fact, be the 4K PlayStation that is a PS4 Pro with enhanced graphics and 4K outputs. It will be one of Sony’s new and improved version with fully redesigned features.

PS4 Pro is specially meant to support for 4K HDR gaming with more advances that now comes in a more slimmed down case. It is based on an entirely new console generation with lots of upgrades.

Sony said in its launch announcement that this system will support all 4K resolutions, but in that sense, it doesn’t mean that it is advisable to run all games in native 4K.

What is it?

The motto of launching the latest upgrade by Sony is to let this PS4 Pro sit alongside and complement the standard PS4 as it will enhance the sales indirectly. The newest PS4 Pro will have increased graphical power and will be compatible with current PS4 games. But naturally, because of its better resolutions and grander looking experiences, it will cost more than the current machine costs.

The PS4 Pro will be built to allow games to run on 4K televisions too. But it won’t be able to feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, like its respective formats.

Latest PlayStation with Innovative Design

With a powerful console, Sony has designed the latest PS4 pro intricately. The newest model has a larger 1 TB hard drive for storage purpose and to enjoy the enhanced VR experience that offers crisper scenes with better visual graphics. With the PS4 Pro, developers get silky-smooth performance enhancing their VR experiences. It also supports high dynamic range content. Besides that, all the existing games will receive updates in the future enabling support for the PS4 Pro.

How does it work?

Sony has mandated that all games of the PlayStation 4 platform will be working on both the new and old consoles.  The new models will not feature exclusive play modes between consoles. Furthermore, they also mentioned that system’s interface will look and act exactly the same.

All the core play experience will be the same on either console while the new model will get to see enhanced graphics to give a better touch.

Special Features of PS4 Pro

  • PS4 Pro is specially made to be more suited to graphics-heavy games and the likes of VR.
  • It will be enhanced with better performance and 4K support.
  • It can also give output in the form of HDR video, because of GPU featuring in the high-end console.
  • The transfer speed on the 8GB GDDR5 RAM will also bump up to 218 GB/sec.
  • It can manage more textures and details onscreen.
  • All PS4 games will work in the PS4 Pro’s 4K environment and will operate in multiple game modes.
  • Has greater detail and performance to 1080p gaming.

Price & Availability

The PlayStation 4 Pro will not be available before PSVR. In fact, the PS4 Pro will be available from November 10, 2016, for a price of $399 and £349 in the UK while the PlayStation 4 Slim has been made available to buy a lot sooner on 15 September 2016 already.

Our Verdict

PS4 Pro has a lot to offer consumers and gamers. With an improved resolution and increased texture and effects quality, it runs as smoothly than the standard PS4 console. All the games will look better on the PS4 Pro. You’ll be able to play games and stream certain content in Ultra HD so this a perfect enhancement for your future gaming needs.