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Sony Launches HUIS Remote – A Gadget that Changes Layouts Based on what you Decide!

HUIS Remote

There have been various remote controls that we must have used over the years. There are remotes for TVs, for the DVD player, the stereo and so on. But nearly every part of electronics functions as the right vehicle for remotes. Now here is a remote that is universal and infinitely customizable to all standards.

Remote Control in the Truest Sense

Sony has created a remote control that changes and shifts its layout based on the direction in which you point the remote. This gadget is designed to be simple and button-free or even as complex as you might want it to be.

As the HUIS Remote detects a system, it changes to a new layout that is not pre-programmed. It is completely adjustable too based on the buttons on the screen. Now you do not need to think about the capabilities of the remote but you can decide what it needs to do, as buttons will pop out in its layout.

Remote Possibilities and Expansion

The HUIS Remote is not just restricted to the single idea but extends its creativity to the next level. It uses epaper for the shift so you do not have to worry about huge loss of battery power. Create custom layouts for the smart home to switch off lights, close window blinds, or  even bar your Kindle.

Sony took the popular idea of a universal remote and transformed it into a internal incubation platform so that its employees can drive the potential of making actual Sony products. The ideas have now grown and even achieved maturation with the HUIS, which is actually the world’s first e-ink remote control.

E-Ink Remote Control – The Idea

The idea behind HUIS stemmed out of the need of a customizable universal remote control that could control the burgeoning number of devices and appliances. Although there are multiple apps on the mobile store, none of them are exactly reliable and are known to exhume the precious battery of your smartphone more than necessary. Also, the process does not allow for multi-tasking.

6 Salient Features of HUIS Remote

  • HUIS is a low-power, customizable, remote control.
  • It uses a touch screen instead of buttons to control functions of a compatible and paired device.
  • It makes use of an e-ink display for operation as the process does not consume power until the content is changed and one can use it as long as necessary.
  • It can be used to control all sorts of gadgets including TVs and Blu-ray players along with a plethora of lights and air conditioners.
  • One can customize the layout of the remote itself and even share and download several configurations online.
  • The e-paper display lowers power consumption and also boasts of the ability to display virtual buttons at all times.

Remote Reach and Launch

Sony has even started taking up regular orders in countries such as Japan for the HUIS Remote and will be the latest gadget that will be promoted through its First Flight crowdfunding platform. Since you can customize the array of buttons in any way, it is expected that Sony will market the same as a remote that “fits” any need and user.

Interested customers can order HUIS Remote online for ¥27,950 which is estimated to be in the range of $250 with deliveries proposed to commence from the very next month. There has been no confirmation from the company if the universal remote will be made available to other countries and even leave its homeland. But whenever the launch is about to happen, one can bet on its wide reach and popularity in all parts of the world.