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Sony Glass Sound Speaker – Gorgeous But Pricey Bluetooth Speakers and LED Bulb!

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Sony‘s Glass Sound Speaker is another Bluetooth speaker but this also is a LED bulb, invented by Sony’s Life Space UX division with a price that is ludicrously high.

As a wireless Bluetooth speaker and a bulb that mimics a flame, here is a gadget that can set the mood right away. It includes an integrated rechargeable battery that supports about four hours of music playback, based on volume levels. One can even keep it plugged in charging while using it.

The Launch of the Glass Sound Speaker

Sony showed off the Symphonic Light speaker last year at CES. Now it has a new name — the Glass Sound Speaker. This is the latest gadget from the company’s UX project that produces several high-end tech products that can be integrated with your home settings and is surely the most beautiful speakers one will ever see.

Utilizing dimmable LEDs, the Glass Sound Speaker radiates a glow akin a table lantern. The glass cylinder helps in generating frequencies that are reminiscent of a human’s singing voice than any other Bluetooth speaker. This makes vocals sound better than any other speaker, but it certainly compromises with its low bass output.

The speaker can be paired with another speaker for stereo sound, but the price itself is quite high. Though the product adds a refreshing twist on the Bluetooth speaker market, one can surely add a unique ambiance to any room. The candle-like glow also adds charm and sophistication to the ambience.

The Plan Behind the Unique Speakers

The Glass Sound Speaker might not look like a winner from the word go. Sony execs had revealed their cameras, video gear and other things during the event that were predictable.

Sony has consistently stressed about innovation and is trying to maintain its position in the race by embracing curiosity and moments of ‘wow,’” as mentioned by the company representative. The Glass Sound Speaker are designed keeping in view of the approach to transform living spaces into something quite innovative and fresh.

  • The slender, portable glass speaker is understated and different enough to hear along with noise-cancellation headphones too.
  • Several similar-looking Bluetooth speakers are now making the trend boring and predictable.
  • CES has witnessed wireless speakers of varied shapes. Sony’s Bluetooth speaker’s design though stands out although in terms of features, it is less polished than the others.
  • The Glass Sound Speaker is great to look at and would look perfect in any setting.
  • The speaker’s audio quality is something that might prove divisive with the crowd especially since it is pricey. But it did sound pleasant according to experts during the CES event even when there was a lot of noise on the floor.

The Pricing and its Future

The Glass Sound Speaker is expected to drive people crazy especially those who have money. Hearing sounds on it is seriously entertaining and the high-quality audio certainly is superb.

But at $799 each, I don’t think that most people will be picking them since the cost overpowers its design styling and its Bluetooth capabilities too. For those who do not have a problem with money, the Glass Sound Speaker will be launched in May at the MoMA Design Store, which is set within New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The instant buzzkill of the price factor might affect sales. The price is about £600 in the UK and nearly a staggering AU$1,050 in Australia. Is it worth it?