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Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector – Transform your Multimedia Environment!

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony recently announced the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector LSPX- A1 that boasts of a marble top, aluminum stand and a strong wooden shelf. The projector projects a 120-inch screen within a distance of just about 9.6 inches that is astounding in all ways.

Now one does not have to clear up space for your projector to project on large screens since it can display a high-resolution video in a minimum distance from the physical screen.

Watching movies and hearing music through a projector is nothing new. But with this product, Sony is trying to amp up the experience by several notches, especially with the glass tweeters, 360° aural experience, brilliant subwoofers and the like. One can expect such projectors to storm the market soon with such innovations on a regular basis.

Sony LSPX- A1 – Projections Like Nothing Else!

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

With Sony’s LSPX- A1, users can experience 4K in full splendor. You can stream 4K videos from Amazon or Netflix right on the 120-inch screen within minimal distance. Also, you can experience visuals with a staggering brightness of 2500 Lumens. The projector supports HDR and hence will deliver richer visuals than most projectors in the market.

One can even upscale videos to 4K with its digital signal-processing algorithm that boosts the overall color, contrast and textures. Play a 720p or 1080p HD video, and you can upscale the resolution to 4K in a trice. The visual and aural quality of the projector hence is unmatched in the present market.

Salient Features of the Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

  • The device is a unique projector that resembles a designer table, with support from five metal stands and a wooden shelf underneath.
  • Its speaker system boasts of Advanced Vertical Drive Technology and includes glass sound speaker on the front stand, including a terrific subwoofer at the base and 3 handy mid-range speakers too. It delivers 360-degree audio, and its central speaker can bounce the sound off the wall too, thus boosting audio performance.
  • The connectors include 3 HDMI connectors and the LAN port to connect and stream content.
  • With the engineered marble top, aluminum frame and wooden shelf, Sony’s LSPX-A1 aims can blend with your home décor easily. What’s more, its premium design and cover allow for manageable cables with concealed connectors.
  • Transform your space with atmospheric sound and visuals as the organic glass tweeters embrace the space and engage senses consistently.
  • The primary nature of the 4K HDR projection is its 120” diagonal image projection boosted by a plethora of picture-enhancing technologies. Get immersed as each image and video is finely detailed and perfectly reproduced.
  • The six speaker audio system along with the magnificent organic glass tweeters are angled in a way that it delivers a 360°audio precisely with video dialog, and supported by a powerful subwoofer for optimal impact.

The projector also includes multiple modes – standard mode for watching regular shows with good aural experience, music mode for hearing perfect bass and vocals with utmost precision and theater mode for watching movies with a dynamic soundstage.

The Ultimate 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector Highlights

  • 4K SXRD panel, smart projection system with TRILUMINOS Display.
  • Ultra Short Throw Projector within 9.6 inches.
  • Native 4K Resolution and 2500 lumens brightness in laser projection.
  • Color Bit Depth ranges till 12 bit through HDMI.
  • Screen Size ranges from 85″to 120″.
  • 360-degree audio powered by Advanced Vertical Drive Technology.
  • 3 Midrange speakers (23 W), Subwoofer (50 W).
  • 2 Organic glass cylinder type tweeters (L/R).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 support for remote control.

The product is expected to be available in Spring 2018. The Sony LSPX-A1 is priced at $30,000 and aimed to interest music lovers and cine lovers worldwide.