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Sonder Keyboard – the Make-Shift Keyboard that you Deserve

Sonder Keyboard

We had an article on our blog titled “Why E-Ink keyboards will make it big” in late December 2014, eulogizing the concept of dynamically changing keys. We have another creation that harks back at the invention with the Sonder Keyboard that is a customizable keyboard that will aid several IT users in times to come. And guess what, it might be priced similarly too.

You may have mastered the QWERTY keyboard and might be able to clock in 100 words per minute. Some might prefer the Dvorak keyboard layout or might be typing in a different language with a different distribution of letters too. The special key combinations are also not so easy to memorize, are they?

Yes, you can totally buy the Optimus Popularis keyboard that is customizable, but you will have to shell out more than $1400 for the same. Or you can wait for an affordable option.

The Sonder keyboard, which we are talking about here, is a 78-key customizable keyboard and although it looks like a normal keyboard, it is actually made of transparent material for you to view through tiny E Ink screens text displayed under the keys.

Magnifying the Keyboard Revolution

Rather than viewing each key separately, you can alter the E Ink labels so that you can see shortcuts for apps along with easy combinations for operating Photoshop or play video games through the keyboard. The keyboard can be used to view other language characters or you can key in macros that will decide on the number of actions that can be triggered with a single, specific key press.

E Ink displays require no power for displaying images but you will need electricity to change it. It also does not consume more energy than a traditional keyboard. There is a fiber-optic front-lighting system to help you to work in the dark, especially if you have to complete some tasks on your PC in a dimly lit room.

Features to Delight!

Sonder Design, the maker of Sonder keyboard has always created products that delight and connect with customers. The E-ink keyboard adapts easily to designers and the application-specific shortcuts will now be at fingertips. One can surely work faster and smarter with the keyboard and the designs can scale infinite possibilities too. You can switch between languages, shortcuts or custom icons depending on your typing needs. Also, you can change the layout from QWERTY to DVORAK.

Sonder’s E-ink keyboard is perfect for designers in every sense since every design application has different shortcuts and memorizing them can be frustrating. An optimised set of keys is the right choice for the need since it adapts intuitively to designers. Also, gamers can play in a radical new way, being liberated of the static keyboard.

The Value of a Custom Sonder Keyboard

One can type emoticons to text, create most used keys and leverage the setup to the best of your imagination. Create macros to reduce commands.

With its pairing with Bluetooth technology, you can move your keyboard anywhere and type wirelessly. Charge the internal battery with its braided fiber cables any time and get typing again!

The Sonder library & community helps users to generate layouts for languages, dialects, definitive macros, easy widgets and new games based on the keyboard. Since every Sonder keyboard is unique, every user can personalise it in their own way. Use the keyboard for audio editing, for gaming or any other purpose, and all the settings will be saved automatically to the cloud.

Key-board Pricing

The Sonder keyboard is available on pre-order for $199 and might have an eventual retail price of $299.