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SonarPen: The Ultimate Affordable Stylus for iPad

SonarPen iPad Stylus

The stylus has been introduced for iPads lately, and its popularity for creative work on big screen convertibles and tablets forced Apple to come with its own version which works only with iPad Pro. While the Apple’s own Stylus solution bears a price tag of $99 and while most other compatible stylus solutions available in the market costs more than $50, SonarPen the newly launched Stylus created by Hong Kong based innovator Elton Leung for the first time made itself truly affordable with just a $30 price tag.

SonarPen can rightly be described as the simple Stylus pen solution for all iPads and iPhone devices without much of a fuss about compatibility and performance. It works pretty fine in all iPads and iPhones launched after 2011. This makes it the most adorable stylus for the vast majority of users who still use older iOS devices. The best thing is for a high-performance stylus like this you have to shell out only $30.

The story behind SonarPen

The man who created the world’s first affordable stylus pen usable for all iPhones and iPads has really a curious story to tell about this innovation. For Elton Leung, the innovator of SonarPen and the heart and soul of the innovative company Greenbulb, finding a simple solution to complex problems of life is the key. By innovation, if we consider fixing device issues from scratch rather than fixing things, Elton Young has a different definition to offer. It is simple and organic elements remain the key to problems. According to him, the real magic of innovation lies in the simple approach to a problem. Undoubtedly, SonarPen through and through embodies this approach to solve problems.

Coming to this beautiful innovation called SonarPen has not been easy. Elton is reported to have created as many as 24 prototypes within just 2 years of time. He progresses facing various issues concerning compatibility. He also worked with numerous developers and tested with several apps to make sure that the pen works fine with all drawing and writing apps in the iOS ecosystem.

A matchless offer for stylus enthusiasts

SonarPen is rightly referred as the world’s most affordable Stylus pen designed for iPads. Sporting a price of just US$29.95 in contrast to the expensive Apple Pencil that costs US$99, SonarPen stands out with a surprisingly lower price while offering all smart features you expect from a stylus. It is aimed to deliver a cheaper option without making user compromise on the functional ease and quality.

It’s well equipped with latest features

The new SonarPen is well equipped to work with the latest iPad Pro. It has a pressure-sensing feature allowing the users to control the pen strokes quite naturally while without preventing the users resting their hands on the iPad screen. This means the users can draw on the iPad with SonarPen just as they do with pen and paper without the least worry over touching screens accidentally leaving unintended marks and inputs. SonarPen also comes with a unique feature is the inbuilt shortcut button allowing the users to switch tools with the blink of an eye without needing to switch tools through toolbars and drop-down menus.

How it works?

SonarPen works through relaying touch and pressure data through audio signal to the tablet. Now, as the device is screen is sensitive to touches, SonarPen uses palm rejection through just syncing signals on both sides. It is a simple solution to convert the intended pen strokes to screen inputs.

Simple and engaging design

As for design and built, it feels like any other ordinary pen with simple body and low footprint design. There. Is a transparent disc surrounding the replaceable conductive tip. The cable of the pen just doesn’t interfere with the ease of writing if your hands are on the same side of the headphone jack. For wrapping up the cable without messing up entangling them, the pen offers a groove in the middle of the pen body. Another good thing is, with each SonarPen you have a handy magnetic pen holder that just can be placed on the backside of the iPad by using a 3M adhesive.

Wrapping things up

SonarPen stands out as a performance driven and feature rich stylus solution that comes with an affordable price tag. It is easy to use, uncompromising in features and performance while you can buy it in an unmatched price.