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Somewear: A Global Hotspot to Allow You Stay Connected Everywhere on Earth

Somewear Global Hotspot

It happens to almost every adventurer and traveller. After certain points en route to a mountain pass, the phone shows no tower. Backpackers often call their family and friends well in advance before going through these remote corners of the earth. Until yesterday, we had no answer to this problem, at least technologically. But, finally, we have a reliable solution to this thanks to Somewear, a tiny little global hotspot device built to deliver connectivity even in Antarctica or deep in Amazon jungle.

Somewear has been launched on Kickstarter with the massive promise of offering continuous connectivity with friends and family members. This small global hotspot device equipped with a gamut of features and functions can now be a great companion for everyday travellers, backpackers and even most astute adventurers.

Powerful connectivity solution

This tiny gadget designed and developed by a promising tech company called Somewear Labs just packs the ultimate feature that every traveller aspires for. The Global Hotspot weighing just three ounces is extremely lightweight and handy. Built with robust connectivity solution to offer Bluetooth syncing with both iOS and Android phones it packs a powerful GPS tracking feature. Apart from this, it is also capable to connect the Iridium satellite network to allow easy communications in various places.

What can it do?

At the outset, it is a powerful GPS tracker and call router that allows you making a call anywhere on the earth. That’s a big promise for explorers and travellers. But, under the hood, it also offers several other awesome features through the dedicated Somewear app.

The ability to connect the Iridium satellite network also allows this device to send and receive text messages as well as emails through the Somewear app. The promise is huge. This literally makes the iPhone or Android phone a satellite communication device.

It is already tested in remotest and strangest places

The promise of Somewear is not just verbal exaggerations when compared to the real-life output. In complete contrast, this tiny communicator device allows communicating literally anywhere in the world with ease. Let us remind you, it has been tested in some of the strangest and remotest places upon the earth. As further proof of its trustworthy claims, we can refer to the engagement of professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones as the principal man in field testing the device.

The device has passed through several rigorous tests including testing in the mountains. Except in few really unreachable gorges where it needed help, it mostly remained blinking with active network connectivity to allow making calls or sending messages and emails. This really can turn your regular phone an international communication device with instant connectivity and emergency responders. With such awesome results in remote mountain heights, Somewear is bound to be a must pick for explorers and mountaineers.

How does it work?

It is designed as an extremely lightweight with just 3 ounces or less weight. You can wear with your backpack or just keep it flat on any surface. The gadget lying on a surface or by being clipped with any luggage can allow the network to track user location and whereabouts accurately.

As the global Hotspot, it seamlessly pairs with both iOS and Android smartphone through the Bluetooth and allows sending or receiving messages and emails with a limit of 160 characters. The gadget allowing friends and family tracking location on a map works just like a luggage tracker. So, when it is kept on your backpack, you are tracked like luggage and stay connected.

SOS help

It is also a fully equipped device to contact rescuers through SOS help feature. In case you are a lonely traveller, when getting hurt or being intimidated by a potential danger, you can just press the SOS button and get quick help from the nearby rescue personnel.

It is a powerful outdoor communication device

Somewear came with this future-ready Global Hotspot to add a particular value to the people’s lives and to offer a precise solution to a problem. The company offering the MIL-STD-810 standard shock protection and IPX7 standard waterproof body is fit to accompany travellers in all sorts of outdoor condition. It can be dipped underwater up to a depth of 1 meter for as long as 30 minutes and still the device can continue functioning. The device can also function in a variety of temperatures ranging from -4 to 140 degree Fahrenheit.

Pricing and availability

Somewear Global Hotspot comes with a price tag of $450. Apart from this, there are various monthly subscription packages for messaging service. At present, a pre-ordered device will cost you only $150 along with a 10 percent off for next 6 month of monthly subscription. The device is scheduled to be launched on 2nd May this year.

Final verdict

Somewear is certainly a first of its kind device with awesome connectivity and robust feature set to make life easier for travellers, adventurers and explorers. If you have an explorer in you, it is really worth the investment.