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SOMA Smart Shades: Retrofit Bluetooth Blind Control

SOMA Smart Shades

Wazombi’s Smart Shades are a simple product. The idea behind the product was simple too. The company wanted to automate hard to reach window shades in their office. After getting the quote from the blind motorizing company they thought about it and invented their own.

The Working.

The body of the device sticks to the wall beside your window, you feed the line from your shade into the wheel of the device, and it turns to crank your shade open or closed. A free iOS- and Android-compatible app sets schedules and, in the near future, automation.

Things You Can Do.

  1. Using the mobile app, you can control up to 10 windows.
  2. The shades are easy to install and retrofits current shades.
  3. It helps you save money on heating and cooling bills.
  4. You can set daily or weekly schedules for every room.
  5. The shades come with solar-powered lithium batteries. It does not require any cables.

A Simple Design.

The design of Wazombi’s Smart Shades is simple, but that simplicity introduces problems. The wheel only turns at a particular speed. A shade can take from 2 to 4 minutes to open or close. The weight of the shade also plays a part in it. But that isn’t much of an issue for automation. It makes remote control annoying and inconvenient.

Does Have a Few Limitations.

Wazombi’s smart shades do have some limitations. It has a reliance on continuous-loop, beaded chain shades. The base technology is inelegant. But it’s also clever and has potential. Wazombi knows about many of the limitations it has. It plans to fix most of them over the next few months. Smart Shades is worth keeping an eye on.

Smart Shades Charging.

With the Smart Shades, you don’t have to replace your existing blinds and shades or call in an installer. The device fits the most of the beaded chain roller blinds. Smart Shades batteries can be recharged with solar panels or with USB cable. One charge is enough for one month. You can leave the adapter connected to the solar panel and never worry about charging again.

The App.

Control multiple windows from the mobile app. Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room. Save money on heating and cooling and create automated schedules for each room. Smart Shades helps to keep your loved ones from dangling cords. It helps to wind up excess cords out of your child’s or pet’s reach. 100% BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate-free.

It Does Have Some Potential.

Wazombi’s Smart Shades have a clever base mechanism. It comes with interchangeable wheels. That will make the device more flexible. The developing firmware has exciting possibilities. Currently, the device is too limited to appeal to anyone without continuous-loop, beaded-chain shades. The sluggish speed makes remote control unappealing. Despite its limitations, Wazombi’s device shows some potential. The hardware and firmware continue to develop. Keep your eye on it, because in a few months, this could be a great buy. The device alone costs $80, but another $20 will buy a solar panel to power it if you don’t want to use the included Mini-USB charger.