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Numio Smart Home Automation: freely configurable, wireless controller

Smart Home

Aiming at interacting with the digital world with an unconscious use of tools and realizing the beauty and quality that results from using them, here we got a set of designers to bring about the Numio Smart Home Automation. After extensive research and experimentation, their quest to combine the physical and digital worlds became a reality.

Their dream to create living in an ecosystem where technology seamlessly blends into our lives, and hence allowing us to create, control and analyze in a fluid manner was brought to life with the Numio Smart Home Automation. These designers believe that good design is little design and concentrated on making this device simple – that which is not burdened with non-essentials. Functionality wise as well aesthetically, they are satisfied with the design and believe we will be too.

Features of Numio Smart Home

Nuimo is a universal controller: Control your music, lights, locks and so  much more

Including Sonos and Philips Hue, the Nuimo works with any application or Bluetooth device to provide an intuitive and natural way to interact with your connected devices. It is a freely programmable device and since it is wireless, it gives it another edge and can be carried along anywhere you go. With the help of the simple and seamless physical controller, you can control all of your devices.

Touch based inputs

Nuimo Smart Home isn’t like the touch screen, but has a number of touch based inputs that are pretty familiar in feel and suit your requirements completely. It includes capacitive touch, gesture recognition and a 360 degree analog ring that provides you with accurate and easy control over almost everything from adjusting the volume of your music to switching off your lights. What’s more is that these inputs can be easily mapped to the devices and applications that are your favourite. And we are not done yet. The LED matrix on the surface of the device allows you to change apps quickly or even event display a timer app in the kitchen.

Made for your hand

For those whose lives revolve around working, playing and creating in a digital world, the Nuimo seems the perfect tool. With the controller, a triple layered technology has been integrated to bring about a great experience:

  1. Gesture recognition
  2. Sensitive touch
  3. Precise haptics

With this, Nuimo Smart Home has fixed the major issue of controlling your devices with your smartphones, which has not been a nice experience all the way back. The earlier devices have been good, the experience, something which need work. Now, with Nuimo, you have natural and instant access to smart lights and speakers.

Works with your existing devices

The Nuimo connects directly to anything that speaks Bluetooth Low Energy and that too with no requirement of additional hardware. It will first support Mac and then move to supporting iOS devices, Android, Linux and Windows.

The design fits perfectly into your life: on your wall; in your pocket; with people

In the design world, it is believed that the best tools never get noticed. The designers of the Nuimo has made this one of their priorities and aim to create a controller aesthetic in its functional complexity yet inconspicuous in the environment we live in. Hence, it is potable, simple to use and fits into your life seamlessly.

Built on an open platform: create your own applications

The specialty of the Senic’s Nuimo is the combination of hardware and software and humongous possibilities this uncovers. It has been built on an open platform in order to allow developers build more applications. Moreover, it is possible to implement custom shortcuts as well as Apple Script.