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SikurPhone: World’s First Smartphone with Inbuilt Hack-Proof Wallet App

SikurPhone Hack-proof Smartphone

At the very end of Mobile World Congress 2018, we have got a surprising handheld device called SikurPhone. It is surprising because of rather an unusual reason. Unlike most other flagship smartphones that compete primarily on a similar set of features and specs SikurPhone is loaded with a packs cryptocurrency wallet which is completely hacking proof. In that respect, SikurPhone can be called as the world’s most secure phone fully proofed against hacking.

A big boost for all your mobile cryptocurrency transactions

With the cryptocurrency, the transaction is picking up steadily and with too many online investors transacting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency through mobile apps, safeguarding their wealth on this digital platform has become a matter of grave concern. This is why all those people who amassed a cryptocurrency wealth will find this phone invaluable to manage their investments and wealth through a built-in app.

The phone comes with an inbuilt wallet app that shows real time values of several cryptocurrencies. Are you a regular investor in cryptocurrencies? Have you amassed immense wealth by transacting on these currencies? But are you concerned about the various instances of security hacks that made the wealth of many people vulnerable? Well, to address such concerns conclusively you now have a phone with a dedicated, built-in wallet app with ultimate hacking-proof security measures.

Built by a Brazilian company named Sikur this is the first mobile phone of its kind with inbuilt wallet app and such staggeringly superb security measure. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year SikurPhone can just announce the end of a nightmare for many investors dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The background

SikurPhone hasn’t arrived all of a sudden. The company Sikur earlier launched a similar kind of phone called GranitePhone, which has been launched nearly two years before and had the similar extent of nearly “unbreakable security” features. This time with SikurPhone only developed the interface further and enhanced the capabilities further to store your cryptocurrencies inside the secure cloud provided with the built-in wallet app.

According to the company CEO, it was the prime objective of the company to build a phone that can securely store information. Earlier the company has been successfully implemented this robust security features with the browser and messaging, and now the same has been implemented with the cryptocurrency. Sikur already told their phone to be hack-proof, and it seems to be all ready and equipped to challenge hackers to prove it wrong.

Hacking endeavours it undergone

SikurPhone just didn’t stop just by flouting the prefix as hacking-proof for the device, they actually gave the challenge to a bug bounty company named HackerOne to test the phone’s so-called impenetrable security measures. Following rigorous testing employing all their hacking skills and acumen HackerOne confirmed that it couldn’t penetrate through the security of the device.

Android OS is also given a security twist

The SikurPhone runs on a highly modified version of the Android OS which offers a simple dashboard allowing you access to calls, messages, storage space for docs and a handful of frequently required features. You do not have full access to all the Android apps unless the Sikur team configures each app separately so that they become compatible with the security mechanism of the device. But don’t worry about accessing your social media platforms. You can always access Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the secure web browser.

Not so impressive specs

As it appears, SikurPhone is basically a security-focused phone offering a discreet 5.5-inch screen. Apart from this, the device really offers not an impressive array of specs. It is loaded with specs that include 4GB RAM and 64GB on-board device storage, a 2800mAh battery cell, a 13-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. Obviously, nobody is going to buy this phone for general features and specs. It is made for people doing a high volume of cryptocurrency transactions and nothing else.

Pricing and availability

As per the company, only 20,000 units of SikurPhone are presently available now. The $800 price tag for each unit is certainly not cheap, and naturally, it requires a serious consideration to buy it. The company Through already unveiled the phone, it is only expected to be shipped from August 2018. The phone is now only available for pre-order.

Wrapping things up

Obviously, SikurPhone is not for everyone. It is a device for a selected few for whom securing their device and more importantly, securing transactions through mobile wallet is important. If you have amassed great volume of cryptocurrency wealth and if you are worried about the security flaws, this can really be a serious purchase.