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Shonin Streamcam: A Wearable That Helps You With Personal Security

Shonin Streamcam

With threats and dangers all around us, 24×7, it is very important to keep ourselves safe. We often try to do this with our smartphones. But our smartphones reach their limit at some point. But that is where Shonin’s Streamcam can come to your rescue.

Record Clear, Crisp Videos.

With Shonin’s Streamcam, you can record videos in clear, crisp wide angle view. It comes with optical stabilization technology that allows you to capture a perfect, professional-looking video clips. The Streamcam is extremely easy to use. There is just a button that needs to be pressed in order to start recording a video on your camera. So you don’t have to grope and struggle with your phone anymore. Simply press the button and it will start recording. You can then easily get access to the videos just moment after you record it, in the Shonin app. In order to edit a video, just tap on it, pinch and clip it. This way you will be able to make any changes that you like. Sharing your videos with your friends on your social media is quick and effortless. You can expand the storage on Streamcam as much as you like, with the available Micro SD slot.

Cloud And Other Features.

  1. Goes directly to cloud: Streamcam directly uploads and saves all your videos reliably in the cloud. Simply press the button on Streamcam. It will then record and save the video to cloud. This is either done through mobile data or Wi-Fi, or broadcasts to Facebook Live.
  2. Waterproof and rugged: Streamcam has got an IP67 certified waterproof design. So your Streamcam is ready to be by your side to record evidence. Streamcam cab be your support in practically any environment. You can wear your Shonin Streamcam confidently in any weather or environment. Streamcam sticks with you through all the difficult situations.
  3. Tiny and wearable: Streamcam is a tiny wearable. You can easily attach it to your clothing, backpack or anywhere else. It is difficult to feel its presence, so there is no way it will get in your way while you are out exploring the world.
  4. Loud and proud: Shonin Streamcam comes with vivid color options. It offers bold colors and a groundbreaking design. This helps in instant recognition and avoids any kind of uneventful situations.

Shonin App.

The Shonin app can easily merges with both the cloud and the Streamcam device. This is done in order to make sure your videos are always up to date. You can create edited versions of your video with just a few taps. You can do this without losing the raw original footage. Share instantly to Facebook, Youtube, and many other destinations.

Shonin Accessories.

Clipping the Shonin Streamcam to your clothes or bag is not at all fussy. The Shonin accessories make it really easy for you. It comes with standard, magnetic clips. These allow the camera to be attached to yourself and gives you maximum control over the device. The clipping causes no damage at all to your clothing. The camera can also be used vertically or horizontally. Streamcam comes with an extra battery pack. So it doubles the battery life. Also, both clips work with or without the battery pack attached.

Very Much Affordable.

Shonin Streamcam has already exceeded its initial target. Shonin promises to add software-based image stabilization, once the stretch goal reaches $150,000. The Shonin Streamcam is expected to ship in the month of February next year. You get a WiFi model of Shonin Streamcam at just $169, adding $10 to it will give you an LTE supported camera.