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Shock Clock – The Shocking Device Can Get You Up and Running!

The Shock Clock Band

How hard is it to douse your sleep and get up early in the morning? Most late sleepers are bound to get up late. If one has a job and are keen enough to keep it, one does have to force their asses out of the bed and scamper to the bathroom. My wife will certainly love a gadget that can get me out of my bed though!

Although I am not the ideal Mr. Sunshine in the mornings, here is a gadget that will send shocks down the spine if one does not get up. Really! Pavlok, the company which recently launched Shock Clock band wants the sleeper to get out of the bed with mild shocks driving them crazy.

Waking up Early in Fear and Anxiety!

One would be waking up naturally early before the set time in fear of the shocks and even would cause mild anxiety breaking the sleep pattern in due course. One would actually be delighted with the results. But if you forget to switch it off, you are bound to get shocks from your band.

With the sudden zaps, it is bound to make the late risers wake up early and even though they feel groggy, the results would be there. There will be a “Snooze Lock” in the further variations that will be prompted by sensors to check whether you are just awake or acting out. Sleep tracking about its quality will also be part of the new feature set that will be introduced through the app.

The Shocking Idea!

The idea behind Shock Clock revolves around the wake-up time when it will vibrate at first and then send out a beep alarm to get you up. The third option is an electric shock to wake you up. One can get all the three options running at a time too, especially for those who are chronic “snoozers.” These people are unaffected by loud music and regular alarm clock sounds and hence the company has come up with a literally shocking idea to shock you every morning. Pavlok wants to use aversion therapy for turning one into a morning person.

The product is familiar enough as the existing Pavlok company had launched a similar design two years back with a zap-dispensing wearable that could reduce sugar cravings and even de-addicted people from tobacco. Now this version gets people to become early risers.

The Shock Clock – Habit-Breaking Device

Such gadgets are rare which try to break negative habits. Ironically though, Shock Clock is actually forcing the entire Pavlok experience as the company is set to upgrade and unlock the suite of habit-busting features after they cross the crowdfunding goal of $50,000. Even visiting certain websites or harmful food recipes will be restricted with various approaches.

Setting up the Shock!

Setting up Shock Clock is quite easy.

  • One just has to pair the shock wristband with Pavlok Alarm app and then set up the wake-up punishment that you choose.
  • One can set up shocks or start from vibrations and beeps before using shocks as the last resort.
  • The shocks are not very strong and surely make hands twitch.

The Pavlok Alarm app also exists but the Shock Clock is less pricey than Pavlok and one can expect a feature-rich app too. With a price of $79 for early bird bookers, while the price will be hiked to $100. The Pavlok though costs $169.