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Sevenhugs Smart Remote to Control all your Devices

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Sevenhugs is a smart remote to control all your favorite devices. The screen on the smart remote instantly adapts to anything you point at. The Sevenhugs smart remote is a product that lets you instantly control devices like TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats, and much more. You simply have to point at what you want to control and the smart remote’s screen automatically adapts to it.

When you point at any device, Smart Remote’s high-definition touchscreen will instantly display an intuitive interface to control that specific device. If you want to control a device that is located near other ones- like a speaker beside your TV or maybe a light next to your TV- Smart Remote lets you easily select which one you want to control. Just use the device selection panel that automatically appears at the top of the remote.

Compatibility of Smart Remote

Sevenhugs Smart Remote allows you to control any device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared. It’s compatible with more than 25,000 devices. The devices include Lights, TVs, Speakers, Thermostats, Cams, Blinds, Fans, Locks, Sockets, Smart Hubs, Weather, IFTTT, Uber and much more. Here is a list of some well-known brands that are compatible:

  • Nest
  • Hue
  • Bose
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • The Weather Channel
  • Pioneer
  • Apple TV
  • Yamaha
  • Sony
  • Roku
  • Uber
  • Harman Kardon, and much more.

Point and Control Technology

This breakthrough technology gives Smart Remote the ability to control thousands of devices in a simple and intuitive way. Sevenhugs’ patent-pending technology combines this indoor positioning system with motion sensors to track Smart Remote’s exact position. This enables Smart Remote to know what it’s pointing at in 3D space.

Options for Controlling all the Devices in your Home:

  1. Control Wi-Fi devices in other rooms: It allows you to control any Wi-Fi connected device on the same wireless network as Smart Remote, even if those devices are not located in areas of your home where you installed your room sensors. All you need to do is set locations in your living room to point and control devices in other rooms.
  2. Install Smart Remote in Multiple Rooms: You can purchase and install as many Smart Remote kits as you like and install them in your living room, bedroom, office, kitchen etc. Each Smart Remote you purchase will only work in one Smart Zone.
  3. Install New Smart Zones: An option to purchase additional room sensor kits to create new Smart Zones and expand the use of the Smart Remotes you already own will be introduced in 2017.
  4. Use Smart Remote in Extended or Non-Smart Zones: When you take Sevenhugs Smart Remote outside its Smart Zone, it will automatically display all your devices and services in a panel. You can select and control any Wi-Fi device on the same network as Smart Remote, any Bluetooth device within the range of Smart Remote, and any infrared device after selecting it in the carousel.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote is Easy to Setup

  • Download the free Sevenhugs Smart Remote app. It works with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Install sensors in the room where you’d like to use Smart Remote.
  • You can add different devices using the app and designate a location in your room for each device or service using Smart Remote.

Wrap up

Each Smart Remote Kit comes with a Sevenhugs Smart Remote, charging base and 3 room sensors. If ever you can’t find your Smart Remote, all you need to do is press the lost and found button on the charging base to make it ring. The Smart Remote Kit is priced at $199 and will ship in July 2017. The price will vary after that.