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Sereneti Kitchen – The World’s First Robot That Cooks Like You Do

Sereneti Kitchen Robot

Technology is making life simpler in more ways than one. While smartphones and the Internet have brought the world closer, smart devices and robotics are ensuring we live a convenient, stress free life. Imagine if you came back tired from work and had a robot keep dinner ready for you! With Sereneti, you can now sit back and relax and let the robot cook hot and tasty meals for you.

Explore a Range of Cuisines

Globalization and the ability of people to travel the world around has opened doors to a sumptuous spread of world cuisine. Sereneti Kitchen, an American start-up firm aims to automate the process of cooking through the use of innovative robotics. Sereneti pairs the robotic chef Cooki with their food ecosystem Foodi and allows users to choose from a variety of tasty and healthy recipes. Sereneti works with local chefs from around the world and offers users an amazingly worldly meal, in the comfort of their homes.

Enjoy a Ready Meal at Your Workplace

The main motive behind launching Sereneti was to offer a robot that could prepare meals for people who do not have the time or the inclination to cook. While initially Sereneti wanted to target the masses with their product, they later made alterations to their business model and considered targeting people at the workplace or in colleges as their main target.

Innovative Work Mechanism

  • Users start by placing trays of fresh ingredients into the machine.
  • Users then need to open the app on the smartphone and press the cook button.
  • The tray storage area lies at the back of the machine, which then dispenses ingredients according to the recipe into the cooking vessel which rests on a hot plate.
  • A robotic arm hangs from the top of the machine, which acts as a spatula and mixes or churns the food as required.
  • The machine then cooks the meal and keeps it ready for users to relish and enjoy.

Personal Voice Assistant

  • Using the personal voice assistant, people can ask Cooki to prepare a meal.
  • The voice assistant has the ability to inform users about the ingredients available in their fridge and the different types of dishes that can be cooked using those ingrediets.
  • Users can also inform Cooki through voice input when they would like their  meal to be kept ready.

The Brains Behind Sereneti Kitchen

Sereneti is backed by their CTO, Jesse Rosalia, their CEO, Timothy Chen and Corrigan Nolan who has the engineering mind. The 3 men bring together robotics and food, and ensure technology meets the needs and purposes of a large audience. By understanding how technology and people can best complement each other, Sereneti leverages technology to increase quality of life across the world.


Sereneti has till today spent around $150,000 to build and develop the product that aims to cook and keep hot meals ready for users. Sereneti is expected to retail at $600 and enables users to spend as low as $4 per meal. Customers also have the option of renting Cooki at a substantially reduced cost. Sereneti aspires to let people enjoy the technology that they have built, the food that the robot creates and the time they get back in not having to worry about what or when to cook.

Final Verdict

With people living such busy and hectic lives, cooking and enjoying meals have taken a back seat, and is making people eat non-healthy, junk food that is not only cheap but also easily available. Sereneti aims to change that and offer people with delicious home cooked meals that can be enjoyed with near and dear ones.