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Sensorwake Trio: Wakes You Up With Smell, Sound And Light

Sensorwake Trio

Sensorwake Trio is a new scent-based alarm clock. It activates three senses: smell, sight and sound. It is also listed in Google’s Top 15 inventions to change the world. It would be such a wonderful thing to be able to wake up to your favourite smells every day.
There can be no better way to be woken up from a deep slumber. Sensorwake has taken years of research and development to be able to produce an innovative product like Sensorwake Trio.

Wakes you up happier

The makers of the Sensorwake Trio feel the scent of cappuccino, or a freshly baked cookie, or a chocolate factory will get your morning off to a better start. This way you can be woken up in a happier and more motivated mood. It will make you feel fresh to take on each day. The ambitious French start, Sensorwake, was first launched on Kickstarter back in 2015. Now is the time to stop hating your alarm clocks and start your morning more fresh and happier. You can also change the smells how many ever times you want.

A simple concept

It works in a simple and sweet manner. It is a three-minute wake up with your favourite smell, which is then followed by light and melody. The concept is uncomplicated. By doing this, it activates all of your senses to wake you up for fully and feel fresher. It offers safe, clean-air dry diffusion technology which wakes you up feeling refreshed.

Also, unique

The concept applied here is not just simple, but also pretty unique. The concept used here to create a smell-based alarm clock is completely different from everything out there in the market. The company has been among the world’s top innovators in hardware. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres have loved both the concept and the product. 1,504 people have helped bring Sensorwake to the world.

A stylish, better design

The new variant of the Sensorwake Trio is pretty similar to the original. It doesn’t look like a clunky white prototype. It looks like a more stylish device that you would want in your bedroom. Along with the sound and the scent feature, the alarm also features a balmy redundant flickering light mode. These three: sound, scent and light features complete the Trio. But all these three components are designed and brought together in such a way that they wake you up in the gentlest way possible. The new smart alarm clock has a stylish closing to the device with an added accent of wood paneling. The redesigned LED layout in this one is much nicer to look at than the older one.

Improved scent capsule system

This alarm clock is all about the smells. This new model of the Sensorwake has a new variety of scents at the offer. It has also got an improved scent capsule system. There are 30 wake-up calls in each individual capsule. The capsules can easily be changed in order to change your morning aromas on a daily basis. The bags that come with each scent are resealable, so you don’t have to worry about losing the scent when it’s not used.

Other uses

The olfactory alarm clock is excellent. It has also got some other fun uses. It can help you overcome that 3 pm slump at the office. You can choose different scents for different days of the week. You can wake up smarter to adjust in some time before the exam. You can also set a perfectly timed power nap.

Over 10 scents to choose from

Currently, you can get over 10 scents to choose from. These smells include Cappuccino, Orange Juice, Peppermint, Cookies, Chocolate Factory, Tea Tree, Rose Garden, Apple & Cinnamon etc. The alarm will work by first activating the selected smell. Just a minute later, a pattern of lights will be shown on its face. After another minute, a soft melody starts playing in case the smell hasn’t managed to wake you up yet. The negative part is that you cannot customize the sound that is used to wake you up. There are only five present melodies you can choose from.

Shipping in November

Sensorwake is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. It smashed the initial goal in just a few hours of launching. You can get one device with two capsules for $79 or a device for $99 with 12 capsules. You can also buy extra capsules in packs of two for just $5. The company suggested that it is planning to ship the product in the month of November.