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Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks – Stay Fit the Smart Way

Sensoria Fitness smart socks

Technology advances are the foundation of modern day inventions, enabling humans to achieve the unthinkable. The success of smartphone technology has opened a new avenue of service – fitness. People can now make use of apps and trackers that monitor their health and fitness levels. This technology that was once available on a wrist band or watch is now being made available in garments. Sensoria’s Fitness Smart Socks is one such technology that is changing the face of the fitness industry.

Striking Features of Smart Socks

Sensoria’s Fitness Smart Socks are high quality socks built with sensors that place fitness tracking on your feet. The sensors have the ability to measure the pressure that the person is applying while running, and determine whether the person is running properly or not. The ankle cuff captures running metrics giving the runner insight into various running metrics. Smart Socks make running a rewarding experience for people who love the combination of technology and fitness.

Textile Sensors, Virtual Coach and a Lot More

  • The Smart Socks are available for people with different feet sizes, ranging from Small to Extra Large.
  • It trains users with real-time analysis of their foot-striking position and pace.
  • There are 3 textile sensors inside each sock that capture pressure related information like distance, speed, steps, calories burnt, tempo etc.
  • This information is delivered to the ankle cuff that transmits it to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • The ankle cuff is detachable and can be attached on either foot using the magnets present on the socks.
  • Users can also choose to get feedback for their running through the virtual coach. Users can also choose a long term goal that they want to achieve using the Smart Socks.

The Sensoria Fitness app is simple and easy to use. The user is allowed to feed in information like age, sex and weight along with additional information like foot size etc. Once the app is paired with the ankle cuff, users will be able to see the outline of their feet on the app. The app displays the heat map of the foot with the ankle cuff. Depending on the pressure being applied on the foot, the different areas of the foot will change colour. The app can also be paired with a heart rate monitor, to monitor the heartbeat.

Are you Running Right?

The Smart Socks are well-cushioned and thus make running a comfortable experience. The Smart Socks supplement a running coach. They provide runners with various running related information and also inform the runners if they are running right. By coaching users to land properly, they help in

  • Curbing running-related injuries that affect thousands of people worldwide
  • Help users identify and assess harmful running styles, thus facilitating them to improve their running style.

Grab Your Pair Today

The Smart Socks are available in 4 colours that appeal to a wide audience.  The Smart Socks are priced at $199 for the entire package that consists of two pairs of socks, one ankle cuff, and one charger. For users who wish to have an additional ankle cuff need to pay $159. Currently the Sensoria fitness app is available for iPhone (iOS 8 and above), Android (OS 4.3) and Windows Phone 8.x.

In a Nutshell

Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks have taken the fitness industry a notch higher. These comfortable, high quality socks have the ability to provide fitness information that is clear and actionable. By using the Smart Socks, people can now keep track of all their runs and ensure they are running the right way. In the lucrative fitness market, Smart Socks is a great asset empowering people to remain in the pink of health.