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Segway Loomo: An Intelligent AI Powered Robotic Scooter

Segway Loomo

You want to wander around in slow pace but do not feel to walk along. Is this not a common feeling for many of us? Yes, it is, and that is why Segway just launched a new product that can help you get a slow paced ride. Segway Loomo is basically a rideable robot powered by artificial intelligence.

A super-intelligent hoverboard

Segway Loomo at first countenance looks more like the hoverboards or self-balanced scooter. But if such hoverboard riding experience we are already familiar with, Loomo actually has more to offer. It is now equipped with a fully featured robot decked in the middle where you stand when riding Loomo. If you have seen Star Wars and sometimes imagined yourself to tread the mighty cosmic spaces accompanied by a robot, Loomo can give you a taste of that intelligent ride.

It also promises a cool transport

Segway Loomo can take you anywhere around at a cool speed that suits your expectations from a nice smooth enjoyable promenade. It can travel up to 22 miles on a single charge at a speed of 11mph. But this alone doesn’t explain it’s terrific abilities in delivering a smooth ride. It offers “smooth” rides on different terrains and surfaces that include slopes, bumpy surfaces, mud, grass and various uneven surfaces except for severely ricky terrains. In spite of the fact that with Loomo you have no handles to hold, it can move on finding oath on its own. As a self-balancing scooter, Loomo looks and feels truly futuristic with many attributes you have never experienced before.

The riding experience and more

In first attempt, it may feel a little awkward to ride a scooter without any handle. But just after a couple of attempts you find yourself riding away out in the open and with the smooth going you find what really an effortless promenade means. That is precisely Loomo is meant for.

As soon as you press the button located on the knee rest, the Loomo turns itself into a self-driving robot. Now you see the topmost portion of the knee rest rotating around as the head and displaying a small blue circle. This will recognise you as the rider.

The Loomo also comes loaded with an accompanying smartphone app, and it allows you control the Loomo remotely while driving it around. Moreover, it also allows giving commands through the app by typing and the robot speaks the same in a WOPR computer like voice we have heard in films like the WarGames.

As for the operating system, Loomo runs on Android and comes with its own ecosystem of apps that are shown on the blue display located at the head. Loomo besides transporting you around can also take pictures, shoot video and follow your whereabouts with vivid details. It comes loaded with an Intel RealSense sensor which is capable to detect your body and face.

It is a robot with multiple abilities

Loomo also comes with a follow mode that makes your life further easier. For instance, you can ride Loomo to the nearby store and when returning home Loomo carries the bags while you walk home. Obviously, you should use bags that just fits on its foot rest. So, you can actually take it to your golf course and sports arena to carry things behind you. Or, you can take it on your trips to carry luggage in a distant city while you roam around finding hotels.

Price and availability

The robot following a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo scheduled to be shipped from May this year. As the campaign stands up to 7th March, the maker of Loomo Segway has already overreached its initial Indiegogo target of $100,000. Now, the early backers can grab the Loomo at the “super early bird” price of $1,299.

In conclusion

The real potential for this intelligent and futuristic self-balancing scooter is yet to be realised by the people. But, undoubtedly it is an exceptionally simple product creating its own niche. It is also a great innovation to add value to real-life situations in multiple ways. The company actually decided to undergo a crowdsourcing campaign on IndieGoGo to make people talk of Loomo and express their opinions about how one can adopt a Loomo.