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Avoid Dodgy Cables Using Satechi’s USB Type-C

Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter

In the microUSB days, there were many handy little power meters you could get that measured the power draw of your phone. But now most new phones have moved to USB Type-C, making that device useless. Now, there’s a Type-C power meter available, thanks to Satechi. It’s a little more expensive than the microUSB versions were, but it looks sleek.

USB Type-C is a universal standard and it replaces bulky, out of date plugs that dominated an excessive amount of space in phones and computers. But it also has a lot of compatibility problems. Just because two devices have USB Type-C does not mean they will play nicely together.

Slim & Compact Design

The Power Meter’s a rounded USB dongle that looks a like a pen drive. But there is a difference i.e. a green LED screen on the front. Once you plug the Power Meter into a USB port, the screen shows the USB port’s current, volt, amp, and milliamp hour output. While a pass-through port on the other end facilitates electron flow. In theory, it’s the perfect solution for people who regularly swap between USB Type-C cables, chargers, and devices. A slim and compact design makes the Power Meter easy to store in your bag – in addition, the bright display ensures easy reading of the Power Meter’s measurements.

What can it do?

  1. Voltage: The Power Meter is capable of measuring the Voltage (in Volts) of your port’s power source in real time.
  2. Current: Using the Power Meter, you can check out the Current (in Amps) being input to your device.
  3. Wattage: To calculate Wattage, you simply have to multiply the Volts by the Amps. ( P = A x V )
  4. Milliamp Hours: Use the Power Meter to see how much power has traveled into your device since beginning charging.
  5. Passthrough Charging: You can easily monitor power while simultaneously charging your compatible Type-C device.

Keeps a Track of Power

Satechi’s USB Type-C Power Meter is an important device. It works as an in-line dongle with a display, the gadget is connected in-between two USB-C devices – such as a charger and your MacBook and gives you a reading of volts, amps, and mAh. It’ll also keep track of how much power has been transferred while it has been connected.

Satechi’s USB Type-C is Available for $30

The Satechi Type-C Power Meter is available from Satechi’s website and Amazon for $30 and will cost you about £35 if you want to ship it to the UK. It’s capable of handling voltages between 4V and 20V, and wattage from 50mA to 10W. At $30 it’s certainly a cheap way to keep track of how fast things are changing and whether you could do better by opting for a higher power supply.