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Odyssey Z: The Ultimate Gaming Laptop from Samsung

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z

While gaming laptops of all makes are positively extending the market niche, Samsung rather looked less ambitious on this front. Since it released a gaming laptop at CES last year, we haven’t heard about any new developments from the company in all these months. After all this time, Samsung is all set to come out of silence with a bang with another brand new gaming laptop Samsung Odyssey Z.

To introduce Samsung Odyssey Z, we must describe it as a thin, lightweight and power packed laptop with all cutting edge, high capacity features. Apart from the splashy look and slim built this gaming laptop flaunts the latest Intel processor hexa-core Coffee Lake. As the first gaming laptop, it also features the all-new powerful Nvidia GTX 1060 Max-P graphics chip. Another cool factor for this new gaming laptop is its dynamic cooling system underneath.

Splashy design

If you remember well, when Samsung unleashed its first breed of gaming laptops, it just didn’t make any positive impression and also faced a few raised eyebrows thanks to some awkward design aspects. This time with the new Odyssey Z laptop Samsung clearly made a shift from the earlier design convention and sports a gorgeous look.

From the brushed aluminium finish of the lid to the uncommon form factor with the touchpad shifted to the lower right-hand side to the keyboard moving down the edge of the laptop, it is apparently understandable that Samsung really gave substantial thought n conceptualising the design. This gaming laptop also comes loaded with cooling function common to high-end computing hardware.

The outstanding form factor ultimately gave the laptop a comparatively smaller build with just 14.78 x 10.03 x 0.71 inch (37.5 x 24.5 x 13.5; W x D x H) dimension and only 5.3-pound body weight. What results is a slim, lightweight and low footprint design for high-performance gaming actions.

While we are already used to the right-hand side trackpad as it is common these days with several gaming laptops, but the keyboard is given a better positioning with this new laptop making game playing further easier. The keyboard with concave keycaps boosts the comfort of typing experience to a great extent. Finally, to add more ease, the Samsung Odyssey Z comes with a few unique keys just above the trackpad allowing the player to start and pause gameplay quickly.

Powerful specs

The Samsung Odyssey Z packs most cutting-edge high-capacity specs that easily make it the most powerful gaming laptop from the company. The whole machine will get the processing power of latest 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor capable of six-cores and 12-threads. This powerful processor alone will guarantee uncompromising ease of indulging in high-funda game playing actions.

But the power of this gaming laptop just does not end up with this processing power. Along with the processor, Samsung also decided to integrate for the first time a high-performance graphics hardware with Nvidia GTX 1060 Max-P graphics chip. This new GPU will deliver at least 10% more performance compared to all other gaming laptops loaded with the previous generation Nvidia Max-Q version. For storage, the Samsung Odyssey Z15 offers 1TB hard disk drive and 16GB DDR4 RAM.

To do justice to this powerful specs, Samsung also equipped this gaming laptop with a really powerful Z AeroFlow Cooling System. The entire cooling system is design and built to deliver maximum performance to keep the machine performing for hours on end without really being heated up. The cooling system comprises a Dynamic Spread Vapor Chamber and a Z Blade Blower further accommodated with Z AeroFlow Cooling Design. The two fans of the laptop can remove heat from both the CPU and GPU simultaneously.

The new cooling system of this gaming laptop can also work differently with regular use and while playing games. For regular use, it facilitates running the fan at lower speed with fan noise kept under just 22 decibels. When playing games, two fans running at full speed will continue keeping the machine cool for extended hours of gameplay.

Pricing and availability

Until now, we are in darkness about the price of this gaming laptop. As for availability, the company confirmed its release in the third quarter of this month.

Early verdict

The Odyssey Z15 seems to be the really cutting edge gaming laptop from Samsung. Sporting a luxurious smooth look and all top of the shelf Specs, it easily positions itself as the tough contender in the gaming laptop market. But since the machine is yet to be released and pricing is yet to be decided, still we are not sure of its competitive edge.