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Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: The Latest Samsung Laptop with S Pen Stylus

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen has just arrived after creating a lot of buzz among the Samsung loyalists and Stylus enthusiasts. Let us admit that this new Notebook is truly powerful without taking a lot of footprint and weight. It comes with plenty of ports, an array of biometric security features and offers the S Pen Stylus, the well known offering of Samsung to allow optimum ease of writing and drawing.

Do you think that the Stylus is more suited for smaller screen smartphones than laptops? Well, you might not experience Samsung Notebook 9 Pen. But anyway, it is a premium laptop and not a quite affordable one for the regular users. Samsung built this as a powerful twin in one laptop with cutting edge features and except a little bland design, it is an awesome offering.

Battery life

The Notebook 9 Pen in spite of being very lightweight, crisp featured and powerful laptop on all fronts it has a few minus points. One of them is obviously the merely average battery life. Yes, for a cutting edge laptop like this one you would have always expected a battery that lasts for a full day. But it underscores on the battery front as it can only stay alive for as long as 8 to 10 hours with heavy multimedia and other power savvy usage.

Stylus Pen is a great inclusion

The new Samsung Notebook 9 Pen accommodates an array of cutting edge laptop features but none of them stands as clear as the Stylus Pen. The S Pen Stylus which you are habituated to use with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone can now be used with this Samsung Notebook 9 laptops as well. This according to any experts will pave the way for a new way for cross pollinating between Samsung phones and laptops. If you are already an ardent lover of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the new S Pen stylus offered with this laptop can only strengthen your loyalty to Samsung.

For the S Pen stylus of this laptop, we have a specific slot on the edges at the front of the laptop. When you press on the top of the S Pen a little it instantly pops out from this hideout. As soon as the S Pen comes out from its designated place a contextual menu appears on the screen that allows access to the inking apps offered by the Samsung. Although, these apps are basically phone oriented, they work quite well on laptops. There is quite a handy array of apps including a note-taking app, an app for on-screen writing and an app for Smart Select feature.

The S Pen is totally battery-free and offers the same specs as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It offers a pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels and a side button used mainly for erasing. When it comes to casual sketching and note-taking it just works fine. But for demanding artistic jobs artists can choose much thicker and pen-like devices common with Microsoft, HP, Lenovo and others. It still lacks the sensitivity and output of Apple Pencil used on an iPad Pro.

Cutting edge authentication features

The New Samsung Notebook 9 also endorsed with an array of cutting edge security and authentication feature we previously were acquainted with smartphones. This slim and powerful laptop also offers fingerprint and facial recognition technology for all types of authentication purposes, whether for authenticating device users or as an in-app security measure.

A competitive package

While both the Apple Pencil and Microsoft Surface Pen comes with an extra $99 price tag over and above the device you want to use it with, Samsung with its new laptop practically packs the S Pen. But wait, it is not just the S Pen stylus that we all need to refer to when mentioning the NoteBook 9 Pen laptop. It is equally a powerful laptop with eighth-gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD internal storage. Flaunting a price tag of $1,399 it still looks competitively priced when compared with the other high end twin-in-ones in the market.

Look and feel-wise it is a bit bland

One of the best things about this new Samsung laptop is that it is surprisingly lightweight and you almost do not feel to carry anything at all. It is ultra thin but the silver gray design looks a bit bland and dull in countenance. Samsung must think of offering the laptop in other shades of colour to flair well look-wise. When it comes to built condition, it feels really sturdy and strong.

Final verdict

Looking for a cutting edge laptop that takes your experience with Samsung Galaxy S8 further? Well, there cannot be a better option than this Samsung Galaxy S 9 Pen.