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Gear IconX – Card Free Fitness Earbuds from Samsung

Gear IconX

With the proliferation of fitness apps and wearable gadgets, we can see that fitness freaks are increasingly looking forward to tech wizards for anything that can add to fitness tracking experience. Well, what about a pair of cool earbuds hugging your ear allowing you to track real-time fitness data and listening music wirelessly? People who exercise regularly would irrevocably agree on the role of workout music to keep them in rhythmic tandem. But the long wire reaching their earbuds from the mobile device always demands an extra care and lot of uneasiness. Well, the final solution for both fitness tracking and wireless music listening has just arrived with the launch of Gear IconX, the new card free fitness earbuds from Samsung.

This surprisingly cool looking feature packed earbuds can do a lot of things while you only need listening instead of looking at the mobile device. From keeping rhythm with the beat while exercising to taking calls hands-free to getting real-time feedback on fitness and workout data, Samsung Gear IconX makes your life simple in more ways than one.

Innovative Design to Fit the Ears

gear iconx earbuds

Just with the first glance, it rather looks as an ordinary earbud set available in the market. Well, such an impression persists until you look at it intently by taking it out from the case. Samsung Gear IconX can alone be praised for its thoroughly ergonomic design that allows maximum comfort and least distraction. Actually, it is so lightweight and ergonomically fit of the ears that you do not feel to have a pair of earbuds in your wear at all.

At present 3 different sizes of earbuds and wingtips are available under this range and there are three different color options, respectively as black, blue and white. If you have a subtle taste and a sharp eye for anything that can change your look and feel, you can find this earbud exceptionally cute, more because it can perfectly hide in your ear without drawing any attention. What about sporting one pair of these earbuds in your next trip to enjoy hands-free music listening? Priced a nearly $200 this new Samsung innovation offers a lucrative tech gear for travelers, wanderers, and exercisers alike.

How does Gear IconX work?

Gear IconX is made to deliver real-time information about your fitness level while you are in a workout session. Whether you are running, jogging or just taking a stroll in the nearby woods of your neighborhood, it proves to be immensely valuable for keeping oneself updated with fitness level data. There are too many people who just cannot concentrate on the little screen of their fitness band to know about their fitness level and in such times, this gear helps.

To make it work all you need to do is to put the Gear IconX in your ears. Now just by tapping and holding the touchpad on the earbud, you can start tracking activity tracking and get real-time updates about your fitness. The Voice Guide in the earbuds offers detailed health and fitness information including the speed, workout duration, heart rate, distance, and calories burned through the workout.

Most important of all, while most such wearable devices work in collaboration with smartphones, the Voice Guide in this new Samsung earbuds can deliver fitness data independently. After finishing with your workout session you can transfer the fitness data to a third party app for future tracking or comparative analysis.

Poor Battery Life

If one demerit of the device is to be emphatically told it is the poor battery life. We can understand that Samsung actually compromised on this score just to make the device smaller in size. The new Samsung Gear IconX earbuds battery will only last for one and half hour if you are listening to streaming music through it. In spite of the great specs, this is a terrible shortcoming for the product.

Release Date and Price

Samsung Gear IconX is to be launched in the third quarter of the current year and initially it is coming with a price tag of $199. As far as the price tag goes, it seems pretty affordable compared to other similar products in the market.