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Samsung Gear 360 – Best 360-degree Camera you can get at the Moment

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung just recently launched its Gear VR headset and is a leader in the virtual reality department. Now Samsung has come up with a 360-degree camera that allows you to capture some great 360-degree videos and photos. This new 360-degree camera by Samsung is the size of a billiard ball and weighs 5.4 ounces.

Gear 360 with a Spherical Design

Samsung’s new camera has a dust and water resistant body. It has two giant lenses, but are not protected by any housing. The lens covering on the camera is replaceable, you just have to unscrew the silver ring around the lens to access it.

The camera comes with a mini tripod, without which it becomes a bit difficult to hold in because of its ball-shaped design. There are three buttons on the camera and a small screen for you to change the settings and shooting modes. Gear 360 has two cameras: one front camera and one rear camera. Simultaneous capturing videos on the front and rear camera can be done and then you can combine them into one MP4 video or JPEG picture.

Things Gear 360 Offers

  1. 360-degree View: With this camera, you can capture 360-degree videos and photos.
  2. Dual Lenses: The front and rear lenses each capture photos and videos 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, creating a smooth and complete 360-degree field of view. Each lens has a bright f/2.0 aperture.
  3. Single Lens mode: On Gear 360, you can also use just one of the two lenses to capture a prominent wide-angled view either in videos or pictures.
  4. Camera: Gear 360 comes with a Dual CMOS 15MP sensor There are four shooting modes available in Gear 360, namely: Video, Photo, Timelapse Video and Looping Video. You can click pictures and record videos on both front and rear cameras simultaneously and those can then be merged into one MP4 video or a JPEG photo.
  5. High-resolution Details: Every single shot captured on Samsung’s Gear 360 is recorded in 3840×1920 high-resolution video and 25.9MP photos.
  6. Dust & Splash Resistant: The Gear 360 can be taken on any adventures with you, thanks to its dust and splash resistant design.
  7. Display: Gear 360 has a small 0.5-inch OLED display on the device itself for changing the basic settings and shooting modes.
  8. Memory: Samsung’s Gear 360 has 1GB RAM and you can add a MicroSD card with space up to 200GB to save all the pictures and videos you capture.
  9. Battery: Gear 360 includes a 1350mAh removable battery.

Connectivity & Compatibility

You can pair up your Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth, then use Wi-Fi Direct to transform its large screen into a convenient remote viewfinder and transfer files in an instant. The Gear 360 app gives you a preview of your shot as well as sharpness, white balance, HDR, exposure, ISO limit and the wind cut settings. With the help of the app, you can also turn on a 2, 5, or 10-second timer before shooting.

Using the app, you can shoot in live view mode, stitch the 360-degree footage with ease, adjust it to your liking and then share it online. It can be done either with your Galaxy smartphone or PC. The Gear 360 is officially supported for use only with Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, S6/S7 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 phone. That eliminates a lot of other Android users and all iOS users out.

It’s gonna Cost you

Samsung’s Gear 360 was made available on August 16 and is priced at $350 in the US, £350 in the UK, and $500 in Australia.

The Bottom line

The Gear 360 is a pretty good device for simple and neat 360-degree videos and photos. The camera comes with a small tripod. This Samsung device will give you some of the best spherical videos.