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Galaxy TabPro S – Samsung’s Much Better Tablet

Galaxy TabPro S

Nowadays it is a interesting trend where tablets are designed to replace desktops and laptops. Microsoft and Apple are trying to market their latest tablets as productivity machines and not just tablets. But analysts believe that these productivity tablets still need to rise above their shortfalls to work effectively as laptop replacements.

Now here is another tablet vying for attention – the Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S. This gadget is a lot like iPad Pro and Surface Pro and also works as a decent productivity gadget for professionals on the run.

Comparisons with the Predecessors

The TabPro S is much better than Surface Pro or iPad Pro in more ways than one. It is much more portable than any Surface version and yet extremely powerful, more powerful than the iPad. Also it is designed slim and svelte, and still powers an efficient desktop operating system along with productivity apps. Although there are some shortcomings, here is a productivity-focused tablet that works better than any other.

The TabPro S is thin and light at 6.3mm and has many design traits that resembles the company’s Galaxy line of Android phones. With a metal frame, a vibrant Super AMOLED display and efficient resolution, it is well-designed and powerful. It can be charged with the help of a single USB Type-C port.

The Keyboard Support

On its own, the Samsung TabPro S might look a bit bulky and heavy. It is large and heavy for use even for basic entertainment. But with its keyboard case, it is a breeze to work on it. It also includes a full-sized keyboard, with function rows, shortcuts, and a trackpad. It can be connected with a pogo-pin connector and offers users with two angles for typing. The keyboard can be snapped back on the tablet with the help of its magnets and can fold seamlessly when not in use. It is thinner than Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro even when they are used with keyboards.

Although the keyboard looks flimsy and weak, it is easy to type on it and one can get comfortable on it quickly. The trackpad is small and looks cramped but is smoother than other tablet keyboards. It also has backlit keys that help it stand out.

The Display of TabPro S

The TabPro S display is good too with bright and sharp resolution and an AMOLED screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio that is perfect for work but not for widescreen videos. The inbuilt screensaver resembling Windows 95 is bad though, and is actually irritating for a new user to see text hover around constantly when the tablet is idle for a minute.

Samsung is including a keyboard cover and AMOLED display at its priced bundle since it is powered by Intel Core m3 processor which is very low power compared to the i5 and i7 processors. It does have better performance and battery life owing to the second generation processors but surely it likes bite like the laptops.

Use of Galaxy TabPro S

  • In everyday use, it is great for web surfing and video playback.
  • With Microsoft apps, the experience is better.
  • The Core m3 CPU is upgradeable to Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs but with the inbuilt processor, it does have low heat profile.
  • Battery life is terrific as it ran for more than nine hours in an online streaming battery test.

Our Verdict

Although the tablet is not perfect, The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S provides a top-notch Windows tablet experience at a price of $899. This Windows tablet doesn’t need to do away with the keyboard cover though and could have been included in the bundle. The gadget though gives people enough practical use at its price point.