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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: A Versatile Tab With An All-New Glass Design

samsung tab s3

The Galaxy Tab S3 is a further examination to Samsung’s older Galaxy Tab S2. The device looks more like an enlarged Galaxy S7. Contained neatly within its metal frame, the tablet has got a glass back and front. On the sides of the device, you will find four speakers with a microSD slot and USB Type-C.
The appearance of a physical home button on the tablet’s front is probably the only similarity between the tablet and the S2.

Glass Design.

With the Galaxy Tab S3, you can relish the brilliance of a smartphone along with all the benefits of a tablet. The premium look on the Galaxy Tab S3 is provided by the glossy glass back. The glass back also feels premium in your hands.

Amazing Display.

The Galaxy Tab S3 gives amazing, most bright viewing experience, the brighter the better. The Galaxy Tab S3’s screen showcases bright and colorful images. Along with the HDR video playback capabilities of the Galaxy Tab S3, you will experience a true-to-life view that pulls you into the content.

The Galaxy Tab S3 offers a quality visual experience in all the things you do, be it a game or a movie. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a Snapdragon 820 processor. This processor sets a new standard for CPU and GPU performance. The Vulkan graphics take your gaming to a whole new world, while HDR video support makes the scene come alive.

Four Speakers.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with quad-speaker system. The quad-speaker system provides sound from each corner of the tab. The sound will automatically follow the direction mode of the screen. This way, you can hear every note, whether you hold it horizontal or vertical.

For this quad-speaker system, Samsung collaborated with AKG’s skilled sound engineers. They did this because they wanted to provide clear, crisp and high quality AKG sound that drenches you in the experience.


For gaming, the Galaxy Game Launcher has been optimized for Tab S3’s screen. The Galaxy Game Launched offers Power Saver mode and Mute Games and also Ongoing Calls mode.

The S Pen.

With the Galaxy Tab S3, you get the new, redesigned S Pen. The pen feels and writes just like your favorite ballpoint. The S pen does not need recharging. It measures 9.4 mm in diameter and ensures a stable, comfortable grip. Samsung has narrowed the tip to 0.7 mm, for the clearest, most natural handwriting.

The pen is mightier with S Pen-specific apps. With the help of the pen, you can easily note down important reminders, events, and more in the Samsung Notes. Then let your creative juices flowing by sharing your latest masterpiece on PEN.UP or composing a tune by drawing in Soundcamp.

A Dedicated Keyboard.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a dedicated keyboard. It offers easy typing with fewer typos because of its optimized layout. Plus the keyboard plugs directly into the Galaxy Tab S3. That makes connectivity easy. With a longer battery life and faster charging, you don’t have to worry about being tied down near an outlet.

Samsung Flow.

Samsung Flow helps you move from your phone to tablet and back again with a natural ease. You can move content from your phone to the Galaxy Tab S3 to see it on a bigger screen. Also, you can keep a track of mobile notifications without actually picking up your phone. You’ll get 15GB of free storage with Samsung Cloud so you can clear up space on your tablet but still keep important files close at hand.

Alluring Design and Great Features of Galaxy Tab S3.

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with Samsung’s strengths. It has an amazing display with an alluring design and solid set of extra features. The best feature of the tab is the S Pen stylus. The Tab S3 will be priced at £599, with the keyboard adding £119, and is out for sale.