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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: It Offers A Lot, But Still Has The Burden Of Note 7


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its curved shoulders, glossy finish, two rear cameras and a digital S Pen has a lot going on there. Galaxy Note 8 carries the burden that the Note 7 was, it has to wash away all that with its new and improved design and newly added features.

Designed For Simplicity.

The Galaxy Note8 is designed for simplicity. The curves and body offer you a comfortable grip. It also gives you more space to write freely with the S Pen. The fingerprint scanner is put there in a way that it looks merged with the back. The Home button is under the Infinity Display. It stays invisible until you need it.

App Pairing.

In landscape mode, the Galaxy Note8 offers a 14% wider viewing area. It offers a richer, more immersive experience. The 18.5:9 aspect ratio was made for multitasking. Multi Window mode allows you to open two apps at the same time. With the help of App Pairing, you can open two apps simultaneously with a tap.

The S Pen.

With the S Pen, you can draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs, or write handwritten messages on photos. Live message allows you to express your feelings and send them to people you care about. You can express yourself with your own animated GIF. S Pen has a select feature that lets you select a section of a video. You can share them with your friends or on social media.

Dual Camera With Great Modes.

Capture crisp and clear shots with the Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera. Its telephoto camera has 2x optical zoom to let you zoom in clearly. The cameras have optical image stabilization. The photos are beautifully steady even with a little camera shake. You can easily get the focus you want before you press the shutter button. Live focus lets you take beautiful bokeh shots. It has a fast and accurate focus, thanks to the Dual Pixel Sensor.

There are four different modes available as well. Food Mode gives you amazing shots of your food. Pro mode can be used to edit your shots and get just the effect you were looking for. The Panorama Mode can pan the camera from left to right to capture the sweeping vistas around you. While the Slowmotion Mode can slow down the action to capture the moment in a stunning way.


The Galaxy Note 8 lets you create new memories everyday and store them with a storage capacity that’s expandable by up to 256GB via microSD card. The 10nm mobile processor works with the 6GB RAM to make it happen fast and seamlessly. The Galaxy Note 8 supports both gigabit LTE and gigabit Wi-Fi. Games heavy with graphics will feel light on the Galaxy Note 8 because it supports Vulkan API. With Vulkan making fast connections between computing and graphics, you get a beautiful result. Samsung Note 8 offers a dual SIM option on your phone. You could also have one for calling and text and the other for data. You can also choose to use a local SIM card when you are abroad.

Samsung Knox.

There are several ways to unlock the new Samsung Note 8. You can unlock it with your eyes, your face, or a press of your finger. Samsung Knox protects data and safeguards what’s on your phone.

DeX And Bixby.

With your Galaxy Note8 and the DeX Station, you only need to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Open up your camera and use Bixby to get information on various things. Bixby can be your very own virtual assistant. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost you anywhere between $950 to $980.