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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – The Finest Big Phone Till Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has long been esteemed as the maker of feature rich big phones. But with the launch of 5.7-inch, curved edged, stylus slinging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it once again claimed the spot for the finest big smartphone. From the sensual glass wrapped built to high precision Stylus Pen to the awesome camera and display, it is equally a game changer for professionals and artists, for casual fun and performance demanding tasks.

Awesome Design and Rock Solid Built

At first look, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can give you an impression that the design has only been upgraded and tweaked a little from the Galaxy S7 launched earlier this year. That perception can reveal the intention of the brand to stick to the experiment of the curved edge screen. But nevertheless, the new device represents the pinnacle of this design trend that Samsung started with S6. What are the key achievements in design here? Let us have a look.

  • Although it has a big 5.7-inch screen, size-wise it is actually smaller than other devices to allow exceptional handling ease.
  • Made completely of metal and glass it offers a stunning look and feel compared to most other devices. stands.
  • It is made water-resistant to stay active under the water for nearly 30 minutes.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 which is capable of protecting the device in case you drop it.

Stunning Display

Just because of huge size Note-series devices were mostly considered by many as phablets. That is where Samsung Galaxy Note 7 really excelled. With 5.7 inch display, it still takes much lower screen real estate than most other devices. But size apart the display of the device stands apart in quality. The Super AMOLED panel will ensure most authentic colors even in sunlight. Samsung gave it quad-HD display with a 518ppi pixel density. The new Mobile HDR technology will ensure optimum clarity in all the areas of the phone including the darkest ones.

S Pen and GIF Maker

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen

A Stylus Pen is has been a key selling point for Samsung Note products from long ago and in this latest version it only became more equipped and value added than ever. Well, thanks to some software enhancements the S Pen in the new Samsung device has become more capable than just writing.

S Pen in Samsung Note 7 can allow you making GIF in seconds. While playing a YouTube video all you need to do is to pop out the S Pen creating a small GIF.  Moreover, the dragging out the pen over an unknown foreign word you can see the translation instantly. The new S Pen packed with the device is coming with an enhanced 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and by far it is the most precision driven Stylus Pen ever.

Big Specs and Rigorous Performance

Galaxy Note 7 is powered by the same CPU and GPU used in Samsung Galaxy S7. But still, the 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and Exynos 8890 CPU make a lethal combination for ensuring rigorous performance day in and day out. Let us have a detailed look at the device specs.

  • The device is equipped with 64GB of high-speed UFS 2.0 internal storage and expandable storage up to 256GB of space with microSD card slot.
  • The speaker performance got a boost in the new Note 7.
  • The 4G/LTE signal strength is quite strong and calls quality is pretty fine.

Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Note 7 has iris scanner which ensures robust security for the device. Iris scanner by backing up the fingerprint sensor of the device boosts security arrangement for the new device. It can easily be set up in simple steps.

Robust Battery Life with Wireless Charging

The new device boasts of a really high-performance battery that can be charged wirelessly. It is quicker to charge and can let your phone stay alive all day long with all day browsing and hours of video watching.

Excellent Camera

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for the admirers of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be its camera. Galaxy Note 7 like its predecessor has the 12-megapixel rear camera but an array of features and capabilities make it really wonderful.

  • It has a wide f/1.7 aperture to take care of low-light performance.
  • The optical image stabilization will help to keep your shots steady.
  • ISO: It helps to detect the light by the image sensor
  • White balance allows further perfecting the colors
  • There is Selective Focus mode allowing adjusting the focus after the shot is taken.
  • For capturing precious moments down to minute detail, there is 4K video mode.

Price and Availability of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Though it has just been launched in few countries, soon the others will follow. In the US, it would cost somewhere around $850 (from T-Mobile and Sprint) to $880 (from AT&T).