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Samsung 2018 QLED TVs: Smart and Sleek Design for Smart TV Experience

Samsung 2018 QLED TVs

Finally, Samsung answering to the mounting up expectations has come up with its brand new QLED TVs. If you think Samsung just likes you to forget those OLED TVs and instead embrace the new Q factor with its new range, you are not entirely wrong.

The company taking the wrap off its new QLED range last week unveiled a whole new range of technologies that it didn’t announce in the CES event held in January. So, you can expect several new TV technologies that were not really expected or were in the air prior to this launch. The company will launch two top-end models with fully fledged local dimming (FALD) backlights. This new backlight technology is expected to deliver a sharper and cleaner picture compared to OLED.

The company launched two series of QLED sets, respectively as the Q8 and Q9 while there is the launch of other two TVs, respectively as the Q6 and Q7. These later two models will sport edge-lit backlights. Though Samsung did not disclose the number of dimming zones, these TVs are coming with but promised with a lot of enhanced aspects like addressing the light leakage better, enhanced viewing from angles, etc.

A competitive comparison

If we remember right, LG has been the other TV brand that has a persistent focus on cutting-edge TVs, and it also unleashed its range of QLED TVs. But, Samsung QLED has some serious differences with the LG OLED TV.

LG tried to be a little bit ambitious and aggressive with its prices for the 2018 OLED range of TVs. On the other hand, only QLED 2018 TV from Samsung that has been more expensive compared to the LG TVs is the Q9F which is priced for the 65-inch version around $3,800. The 65-inch Q8F TV of LG with local-dimming technology just costs $3,000, but it is far less than an equivalent product compared to the 65-inch OLED TV of Samsung.

The awesome picture quality apart, the new range of Samsung QLED TVs are also well equipped with a whole range of smart features and high-end tech specs. The new Samsung TV is smarter than any TVs in the market with a whole array of value-added specs and technologies.

Ambient mode

The QLED range of Samsung boasts of great viewing experience with some crisp screensavers. Instead of showing you a dead black rectangle when the TV is turned off it can show you important information on the screen. The turned off screen can show news headlines, weather and traffic information or even the turned off screen can continue playing music. Samsung announced that we can even see the New York Times headlines on the screen of these new TVs.

The ambient mode of the new TV range will also be able to match the colour in the surrounding wall to blend nicely with the interior decor. You can also take the pictures of the wall and send it to the TV through SmartThings app and the TV crops or resizes it to fill the screen appropriately with the image.

One invisible connection

This new TV range is smart in all respects including its sleek built and the super-thin invisible connection that allows you to connect the TV to the external input box. This super thin connection input is exceptionally thin one to blend with the wall nicely without creating any visual glitches. These new versions that are only available with the Q9 and Q7 series is capable to transmit and carry power as well. Naturally, these models won’t require a separate power cord connecting the TV. Only the one chord connecting the box will be enough.

Inbuilt Bixby

This is something Samsung has already announced at CES 2018. The new Samsung TVs will sport inbuilt Bixby digital voice assistant that can be commanded to perform an array of tasks including web searches, change inputs and tweak with the picture settings. This built in Bixby smart assistant support will also allow the user controlling all the smart home devices just by talking with the voice interface of the remote.

SmartThings app

Regarding these new TVs Samsung was also emphatically clear about coming with offering an inbuilt SmartThings app to take control lot of home devices and smart apps in the home including thermostats, lights, home security cameras and smart appliances. With the app allowing total control through the app the TV can just work as a smart home hub for you.

Final verdict

In more ways than the new range of Samsung QLED TVs will offer a completely enhanced smart television experience with optimum picture quality and high-end specs.