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S+: A Bedside Companion Which Helps With The Goal Of Improving Your Sleep


The S+ is a sleep monitor that promises to analyse and improve your bedtime. S+ is the non-contact sleep sensor. It helps you sleep better from the very first night. S+ combines a bedside sleep monitor, smartphone app and web-based app to help you track and better understand your sleeping patterns. Personalized feedback and suggestions are created and provided to help improve your sleep.

Minimalist Design.

It actually enhances the bedside with its brushed metal surround and shiny white fascia of the box at its centre. The minimalist design is spot on. It only has a wire with which you plug in the device letting it down. It hangs off the device bang in the centre and there’s no way to clip it down to hide it. Then there’s that red eye, which is an LED. It glows red when the S+ is not connected. If your phone is around it will turn green. This shows that it’s linked and ready to record. The light turns off when your head hits the pillow.

It Presents You With A Questionnaire.

On top of the straight light sleep/heavy sleep/REM sleep measurements that most trackers feature, the S+ has a few extras. It’s designed to analyse your entire sleep routine and that includes what you do during the day.

S+ presents you with a questionnaire about what you’ve been up to. Those are general questions about how much caffeine you’ve had, how many alcoholic drinks, whether life’s been and if you did any exercise. The idea is that you can then view the sleep data with respect to all these other variables to see if there’s any meaningful correlation. If you’re willing to genuinely use these features, there’s a heap of benefits.

Smart Alarm System.

The S+ has a bag of other sensors inside as well. Their job is to measure your sleep environment. The big issues there are light, sound and temperature. All that data gets bundled into the platform behind it for a holistic sleep analysis.

Naturally, S+ also has a smart alarm system. It will wake you up when it decides it’s a good moment to do so. You choose your ideal time and then give it a window of between 15-30 minutes before.

Basic Features.

  • It is  Measures your breathing and body movements throughout the night.
  • S+ can inspect light, noise and temperature levels in your bedroom.
  • It is creates daily sleep scores and charts to help you understand your sleep pattern.
  • S+ records your sleep pattern and daily habits. Using that information, it provides you personalized feedbacks.
  • It syncs seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet.

Mind Clear.

There is also a mini-stress relieving feature called Mind Clear. You can hit the Mind Clear button and either write down or voice record whatever’s been bothering you. By doing this, S+ tries to get it off your chest. Given that an anxious mind is the least compatible state with getting to sleep, it’s not a bad idea.

Sleep Sounds.

Its comes with a number of sleep sounds. These sounds get you in the mood for a good sleep. The system matches the tempo of the music to your breathing patterns. The sounds slow down and supposedly sends you into a deeper and better quality sleep, as you begin to drop off. There is a problem here. The sounds have to come through your mobile phone speaker because there isn’t one built into the itself. But you can solve the problem with any Bluetooth speaker.

S+ Mentor.

It has a coaching system called the S+ Mentor. The Mentor can send you little push notifications about how to correct things. In a world where wearables are struggling to make meaningful inferences, S+ Mentor is gold.

The Verdict.

It is accurately tracks your sleep. It also does more, without even a wristband or a mattress pad. The app offers detailed information each day on your sleep habits. It provides feedback to help improve your sleep. The app is available for both iOS and Android. There are a few cons with the product, like the sleep tracking isn’t automatic. Also the device is expensive for something that only tracks your nighttime activities. The tracker can also be confused by someone else sharing the bed or if you move out of range of the sensor. The S+ offers accurate tracking and insightful sleep data that any insomniac will appreciate.