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Rozebuds: Fashionable Wireless Earphones With a Twist


Rozebuds is the next pair of earphones you’re going to need. Their wireless earphones are both a fashion statement and an audio statement. Do you want to look good while wearing your earphones, right? Rozebuds makes sure that happens. When you’re not listening to your favorite song or taking that business call, simply snap the earbuds back together and you’ve got yourself a cool necklace. No more untangling your earphone cord, no more lost earbuds, no more unsightly neckpieces – just style and elegance with Rozebuds.

How Did Rozebuds Come About?

The people from Rozebuds were sitting in a pub in New York City and noticed a few people wearing the neckband Bluetooth earphones. While functionally practical, they just didn’t work fashion-wise. That was the eureka moment— earphones needed to be made that were both easy on the eyes and pleasing to the ears.

They then set out to rebuild the concept of fashion earphones from the ground up. Because they weren’t beholden to any existing constructs, this allowed them to maintain an equal focus on designing two products simultaneously within one solution.

You’ll Get So much Out of Your Rozebuds!

You get an all-day wearable necklace that doesn’t look at all like earphones. The team has conducted hundreds of “social interaction tests” of their product. This is just a fancy way of saying they wore Rozebuds as a necklace out and about. Everywhere, people saw Rozebuds as being a cool necklace. They had no idea they were also earphones. The looks on people’s faces were always priceless when they transformed them into earphones.

You get great tech features to make your life a little easier – auto pause and a vibration alert when your phone rings! It’s happened to us all when we’re listening to our favorite song and undoubtedly someone comes up and starts talking; now we’ve missed our favorite song. Miss no more with Rozebuds! Just click your buds back together and your song stops! Your favorite lyric will be patiently waiting for you when you’re ready to listen again.

Tired of missing phone calls because you can’t find your phone in time? You’ll have to find something else to worry about once you get your Rozebuds. The battery housing is a bit of a chameleon – as the name implies, it houses the battery but it also doubles as a decorative pendant AND it contains a vibration motor that alerts you to incoming calls. If you’re on one side of a room with your Rozebuds and your phone is on the other, you no longer have to run around looking for your phone when you receive a call. The pendant will vibrate briefly to let you know someone’s trying to reach you. All you have to do is separate the earbuds to take the call (or ignore if you’re not feeling chatty at the moment).

Not to mention – no more tangling! You can get your life back now as you won’t have to deal with untangling your headphones ever again – Rozebuds are virtually tangle free.

How’s the Audio?

They have yet to have someone listen to Rozebuds that hasn’t immediately commented on how good the audio is and that’s because they care about what our music sounds like. One of the greatest challenges they faced was getting the earphones speaker to live in harmony with the magnet. Given the speaker relies on electromagnetic signals, it was challenging to get the speaker and necklace magnet to cohabitate within the small footprint of the earbud and in such close proximity. It was also necessary to position the magnet in such a way to avoid obstructing the sound flow. After numerous prototype revisions, tweaks and sound tests we finally got there. The shape of the buds also creates a tight seal within the ear canal and ensures direct sound transmission.

How do I Pre-order a Pair?

Head over to the Rozebuds campaign on Kickstarter – (transfers you to our campaign) and choose a pledge level. The campaign finishes up at 11 pm on June 22nd so head over there soon!