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Roomba 980 – iRobot’s New App-Controlled Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Roomba 980

Technology is taking the world by storm, offering people a bunch of innovative services that are designed to make our day-to-day lives delightful and enjoyable. The smartphone revolution has brought with it a sea of apps that aim to transform the way we live. Smart and sensor technology has made unimaginable possibilities possible, leading to awe-inspiring experiences across various spheres.

Introducing Roomba 980

iRobot, the American advanced technology corporation, has enjoyed immense success with its home cleaning robots like the Roomba, Scooba and PackBot. While the autonomous home cleaning Robot Roomba has been a much sought after robot for thousands worldwide, iRobot has launched an enhanced version called the Roomba 980, also known as the Magellan.

Enhanced Features

  • The Roomba 980 incorporates smart technology and possesses updated navigation and localization features.
  • The smart sensors have the ability to detect furniture and other objects in the house that help the Roomba 980 maneuver itself automatically.
  • The new iAdapt 2.0 sensors enable the Roomba 980 to create a map while it is cleaning the house.
  • It can map houses more accurately, and can clean a house for up to 2 hours with one charge.
  • The propriety iRobot technology called visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM) tracks the distance and direction travelled, thus maintaining the route and simultaneously recording it for mapping purposes.
  • As it uses smart technology, people can program the device to vacuum the entire house.
  • Once a room has been vacuum cleaned by Roomba 980, the smart sensors direct it the next room automatically, without any human intervention.
  • Additionally, the Roomba 980 can detect the kind of surface it is cleaning and can build up the force to pull up more dirt while cleaning carpets and other such heavy fabrics.
  • Being compact and petite in size, the Roomba 980 can travel under beds and tables and clean every inch of the house
  • When the Roomba 980 runs out of gas, it has the ability to get back to its base in order to dock and charge itself.

iRobot Mobile App

  • The Roomba 980 can be controlled through the iRobot HOME app, available on iOS and Android platforms.
  • The app allows users to start or end cleaning jobs, direct Roomba 980 back to its base and even schedule cleaning times.
  • Through the app, users can also view the profile of their Roomba 980 robot and their cleaning route and schedule. This feature is particularly significant for users who have more than one device from iRobot.
  • It provides a consolidated view of all the cleaning schedules, and offers information such as how long the Roomba 980  has been working for, the route it took earlier etc.

Elevated Security

Roomba 980 promises to be a highly secure robot, making it difficult for hackers to hack into the system. While the Roomba 980 has a camera that sits on top of the device and sees the entire house while cleaning, hackers will only be able to see light and dark patterns instead of people’s houses, thus protecting the privacy and safety of their house.

Something to Note

A robot as smart as the Roomba 980 obviously would come at a high price. At an MRP of $899, the Roomba 980 is surely far more expensive than its predecessors that are priced in the $400-700 range. However, with the innovative and smart features that Roomba 980 offers including route mapping, objects tracking and the basic ability to control it through an app, the Roomba 980 is surely worth the price.